Cat Water Fountain

Make DIY Best Cat Water Fountain – Japanese Shishi Odoshi

Cat Water Fountain

Cats are different from other animals on the earth. They are also known as small carnivorous mammals. The cat belongs to the Felidae family, and it is the only species in the family that is different from other family members.

Similar to humans cats also like more water consumption. Water is always good for humans health as well as cats’ health. Cats need a sufficient amount of water to avoid bladder problems. In the wild, they get this amount easily.

The problem is, at home, because cats do not like to drink water from a bowl. Therefore, you need a cat water fountain or pond for your cat so that it can drink a sufficient amount of water to stay healthy.

Build Best Cat Water Fountain Using Bamboo

Take a look at the following things to make the best cat water fountain in less than 24 hours:

  • bamboo: size (2 meters)
  • solar pump: size (small)
  • silicone hose
  • pivot rod
  • glue

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Cut the Bamboo

You need to start with cutting the bamboo. You can use an electric saw for this purpose. Well, I used a Japanese hand saw that was easy for me, and I got the job done perfectly.

Cut the 2 legs of the bamboo with the same length and cut the top with an angle of 45 degrees.

DIY Cat Water Fountain Bamboo

Now pick up the center tube and cut it from one end at an angle of 45 degrees. Keep in mind that the bamboo’s node should be closer to the middle of the tube in order to hold water. At this point, another important thing you should keep in mind is that we also need to insert a pivot rod by drilling a couple of holes.

These steps are not easy. Take a deeper look at the pictures for better understandings.

1 crosspiece, cut both ends at a 45 degrees angle and keep in mind it should be a little bit longer in length than the center tube and two legs.

Now Install the Center Tube

DIY Cat Water Fountain

The first step of this process includes installing the center tube utilizing the pivot rod. Now it’s time to drill a hole in the center tube. Remember, do not drill a hole right in the center. Instead of this make a hole slightly off to the middle.

Best Cat Water Fountain

Pick up both legs and make a hole in order to insert the pivot rod. Double-check whether the centerpiece will turn freely.

Silicone Hose

It’s time to prepare the water supply.

Now we need to insert the silicone hose, therefore, make a hole in one leg right at the bottom. For help and idea see the pictures carefully. Now add the silicone hose and take it to the top.

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Pick up the crosspiece now and make a hole right in the center, install a silicone hose and push it to the central hole. The frame is ready now, all you need to do now is glue the legs and the crosspiece together. See the picture for further help and ideas.

Final Installation


Now add the bamboo frame into your mini pond. Take a solar water pump and install it into your pond. Connect the Shishi Odoshi fountain and the silicone hose, and do not forget to cover the hose with plants & stones. How much water is required before tilting you can add some weight to the centerpiece for better control.

Final Words

You are all done with the DIY best cat water fountain. Still, if there is something confusing or you have any questions in mind, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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