Awesome DIY Cat Beds in Hanging Window Baskets

Yes, I know you love your kitties. Even I love kitties and I would love to provide them with a comfortable DIY cat bed. Anyone can buy an expensive cat bed from the market or from an online store. But why would you need to pay to anyone when you can make your own DIY cat bed in a hanging window basket?

Cats like to sleep more than other pets therefore it is important for the pet owners to provide them with a luxurious and comfortable hanging window cat bed that you can craft at home. So, here we go.

Things Required

  • One medium-size basket
  • 2 round pieces of clothes
  • Sewing machine
  • Filling to make a cushion
  • Jute Rope

Make DIY Hanging Cat Bed


To start with, you must have a medium-size basket that should be good enough for the cat. The size of the basket can vary depending on the cat that you own. If you have an old basket at home, you can use that, or you can buy a new one from any online store.

Then you need to use the two pieces of clothes and a sewing machine to make a cushion. Its size should be as per the basket you have and it should be 1 or 2 inches bigger than the basket size so that it can be adjusted in the basket properly. After you sew the cushion, fill it with any filling material that you have.

You can use the old cushion at your home as well. But if you don’t have the cushion then making a new cushion is a good option rather than buying from the market.

After this, you need to use the jute rope so that you can hang this DIY cat basket bed.

Your DIY cat bed in the hanging window basket is ready and now your cute kitty can sleep there. Just make sure that it is at a suitable height and you keep it clean regularly.

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