DIY Dog Bed Ideas Using Old Items in House

It can be difficult to swallow the sticker shock when choosing furnishings for your pets, but as every pet parent knows, you’d do anything for their happiness. Finding things that blend well with your tastefully arranged living space might be rather challenging.

Do it yourself instead of buying a new dog bed for your dog when he outgrows his old one. From simple, no-sew pillows to complex, high-level woodworking projects, there is something for everyone.

Transform Old Tire to Dog Bed

Old Tire Dog Bed

There are a lot of creative uses for old tires, but I thought it would be most useful to create a dog bed for our new puppy.

Get the tire cleaned first. Because paint won’t adhere to dust and grime, you’ll need to hose the tire down and scrub it thoroughly with a strong bristle brush and soapy water.

When you’ve finished scrubbing the tire’s outside, wash it off with clean water and let it air dry.

When it’s dry, place the tire on its edge and lightly spray it with spray paint, keeping the can at a distance of about 8 inches. I had to do four separate “painting sessions” to cover the entire tire.

After applying a single layer to the upper portion of the tire, I turned it upside down and painted the lower portion. Next, I applied a second layer to the upper portion of the tire once the first one had dried, and then I turned it around to apply a third coat to the lower portion.

After you lay the tire down, all you have to do is stuff it with a round cushion or a dog bed.

DIY Tire Dog Bed Ideas

DIY Tire Dog Bed

Old Tire Dog Bed Ideas

Transform Old Tire into Dog Bed

Recycled Old Tire Dog Beds

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DIY Dog Bed Using an Old Chair

OLD Chair DIY Dog Bed Ideas

If you love to make a dog bed for your little Coton De Tulear, then this idea is just for you. It would be a great idea to transform your old chair into a beautiful and stylish Coton De Tulear bed.

If you make this DIY dog bed with an old chair, it will save a lot of money so you can plan to buy some more pets. Here you can check out Coton De Tulear price.

Recycled Old Chair Dog Bed

Transform Old Chair Dog Bed

To all the animal lovers among you, I present this project! The Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge for this month features this DIY Upcycled Pet Bed. It made me delighted to give new life to this old chair and transform it into a fashionable piece for my furry family members. I can assure you, it was a breeze!

I began with a vintage chair that I scored for a hefty $5.29 from a thrift store. To make the chair suitable for my small dogs, I cut off their legs using a saw.

Old Chair DIY Dog Bed Ideas


Afterward, I used some leftover chalk paint to give the chair a new coat. I used velour fabric and a pillow to cover the seat. Afterward, I used a paint pen to write “Sweet Dreams” on the chair.

OLD Chair DIY Dog Bed

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