Tips for Making DIY Greeting Cards

DIY Greeting Cards: Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Taking the time to create handmade greeting cards for loved ones in your life can be a rewarding hobby. When you make your own greeting cards, you have complete control over their appearance as well as the sentiments written within, ensuring that they convey the exact intention you had intended.

Making a DIY greeting card shows the recipient how much time and effort you put into the gesture and how much you value your relationship with them. If you are just starting out in the world of card making, you will probably find some of the following advice and suggestions helpful.

They will assist you in avoiding many of the errors and challenges that starting greeting card crafters confront, which will allow you to take the designs of your cards to the next level.

Greeting cards can also be used as part of St. Patrick’ day DIY crafts.

Selecting Card’s Background Color

When they first start off, newbies frequently have no idea how to choose which colors to utilize. Choosing a color from the image you are using and utilizing it as the backdrop color for your cardstock is a straightforward method that can easily produce fantastic results.

You can add similar-colored embellishments and accents to your card by selecting one or two additional colors from the photo to use.

Don’t Waste Leftover Paper Scraps

Beautiful papers are not inexpensive. It is important to find new uses for the pieces of paper you have collected. You may always cut simple shapes out of scrap paper using your punches and die-cut machine.

You can enhance your greeting cards with beautiful paper shapes. Who doesn’t wish to reduce their financial outlays?

Find New Paper Supplies

Have you ever been to the section of the store that is dedicated to greeting cards, and while you were there, did you take notice of the lovely gift bags and wrapping paper that is on sale?

Who says that you can’t use non-traditional paper sources while you’re crafting greeting cards? Paper of a heavier weight, which is ideal for use in the creation of greeting cards, is frequently used in the manufacture of gift bags.

Unfolding the bags and cutting out the necessary shapes while avoiding the creased lines is all that is required of you to complete this task.

White Polymer Eraser

People frequently use a pencil to make light marks on a card in order to serve as a placement guide while they are arranging paper shapes that have been cut out. After you have adhered to your embellishments, you will need to erase any pencil marks that remain.

It is imperative that you use only a white polymer eraser. There will be black marks and smudges left on your card if you use a pink eraser or, even worse, a pencil eraser.

Glitter Gel Pens for Writing

Obviously, you need to write some messages on your greeting card. Let it be a Christmas card, a new year card, or a birthday card, you can use glitter gel pens for writing your customized message on the card.

Glitter gel pens are available in different colors and their writing will make your DIY greeting card more beautiful and stylish. Here you can find some of the best glitter gel pens for writing on greeting cards.

Round Corners Rather Than Square Corners

You may add some visual appeal to your card while also giving it a more professional appearance by using corner punches. You may achieve fantastic results with just a basic corner punch measuring 10 millimeters.

In addition, you may use the punch to give your photographs and business cards a more contemporary appearance.

Keep Stamps clean

If you are working with water-soluble ink, spray some cold water onto your stamp (but don’t use soap), and then pat it dry with a piece of paper towel or a clean cloth.

You shouldn’t scrape your stamp since you run the risk of scratching the surface of the stamp, which would render it worthless. If you take good care of your stamps, they will last for many years.

Make Generic Cards for Quick Use

Create some greeting cards with a straightforward layout, and put them to use for a variety of events. In the event that you find yourself in need of a card but are pressed for time, all you need to do to complete the task is stamp the proper sentiment onto the card, and you will be done.

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