Indoor Pet Water Fountain

How to Make a DIY Pet Water Fountain For Cats or Dogs

Indoor Pet Water Fountain

So you are looking for how to make a pet water fountain for your cat or dog? Here are some easy ways you can follow to make a DIY best pet fountain at a very affordable price.

DIY Pet Fountain Ideas

Note down the things you will need to make a water fountain:

  1. Watertight bowl
  2. Fountain pump
  3. Decorative rocks
  4. Remote control outlet switch

How to Make a Pet Water Fountain

Check this step-by-step guide on how to make a DIY pet fountain.

1. Place the water pump

Bowl Water Fountain

Place the water pump in the bowl while keeping the nozzle upwards. You can place the nozzle right in the center of the bowl or anywhere else as per your requirements. If you are searching for pet fountains for cats, this is one of the easiest DIY fountain ideas.

2. Put the rocks in

Cat Water Fountain

Now add the rocks to the bowl. Place the rocks in such a way that nozzle cannot be seen. Arrange them properly around the rocks and make sure that the mouth of the nozzle is open. For a clear idea, see the picture.

3. Add water to the bowl

Pet Water Fountain Bowl

You have done all the work, and now you need to fill the bowl with water. Keep in mind do not overfill the bowl, add water just to cover the rocks. Believe me, you won’t find a more easy dog water fountain idea than this on the internet.

4.  Place the pet water fountain

Place the water fountain wherever you like. I placed it on the top of the table. You can place this cat water fountain near your cat’s room.

Indoor pet water fountain

So now you have all the information regarding how to make a pet water fountain with your own efforts. It is straightforward, and you can make this water fountain in less than 30 minutes. Also, you can gift this beautiful indoor water fountain to any friend or family member.

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