DIY Roof Inspection

Do-It-Yourself: Safe Roof Inspection Tips & Tricks

Your roof is never off the clock. Keeping your home safe from the elements means that it never rests and is constantly bombarded by rain, sun, and wind. Roof inspection & repair is one of the most important home maintenance plans.

By doing a simple DIY home roof inspection, you can assist guarantee that your roof is in excellent shape. This can assist you in seeing any potential issues before they become more serious and necessitate more expensive repairs.

Interested in learning more about it? A simple roof examination is straightforward. It’s a simple task that can be completed in less than an hour. It’s important to keep in mind the potential dangers, however. In case you are afraid of doing it yourself, you can also get the services from AdvantageNC.

DIY Roof Inspection and Safety Tips

Safety is a concern when working on a roof. For a risk-free, do-it-yourself roof inspection, follow these safety guidelines:

Let Others Know You’re Going Up For Roof Inspection

As soon as you know you’re going to be on top of the building, tell someone. To make sure you’re safe while up there, they can keep a close eye on you and may react to help in any case.

Safety Harnesses Should be Worn

The base of the chimney, for example, is a powerful structure that should be tied to a safety harness or belt. Even if you fall, the harness will catch you and prevent catastrophic harm or death.

Setup Ladder on Even Surface

Ladders should be set up on the level ground. Anchor your ladder both at the bottom and on your roof to keep it in place.

Slowly Make Your Way

The race was won by the turtle. Slow and careful movement is the best defense against falling.

Preparation Is Key

It’s important to know what tools you’ll need ahead of time and attach them to your tool belt so that you don’t have to improvise when you’re on the roof.

There’s nothing worse than making it all the way to the top of the building only to discover you’ve forgotten an essential tool.

Find out What the Weather is Like

A slick, wet roof makes it difficult to perform your own roof inspection. Get on your roof on a day when it’s nice and sunny.

Be Aware of Your Limits

Do not attempt to complete a roof inspection if you are not capable of doing so. Especially because you run the danger of injuring yourself. Call an expert roofing inspector when you know you can’t handle the job yourself.

After addressing the issue of safety, it’s time to move on to the specifics of a roofing inspection. Do you know what you’re looking for?

To begin with, try not to walk all over your roof too much. For the purpose of an inspection, it is necessary to observe each region of your roof once, and then move on.

Most Important Things in Roof Inspection


Find shingles that are curled or blistered, then remove them. Take note of any shingles that are missing or broken, as well. Replacements will be required for each.

Gutters with Grittiness

If you notice a buildup of grit on your roof, it’s possible that your shingles need to be changed. Grit on your roof is meant to shield it from the sun’s harsh rays. When it begins to deteriorate, your roof could be in danger.


See if the caulking around your flashing has any rust or cracks in it. Replace deteriorated flashing and caulk.

Rubber Boots

There’s a rubber piece around any roof puncture locations like vent pipes to prevent water from seeping in. Eventually, these will need to be replaced because of their deterioration and cracking.

Moss or Lichen

Observe the underside of your roof for any moss or lichen that may signal moisture collection and possibly rotting. Black algae are only an aesthetic problem and should not be a concern. Please feel free to get it wiped away if you so desire.

Make a note of any roof damage you discover. After that, you may decide if you want to continue doing things on your own or enlist the services of specialists for any further repairs.

Though DIY roof inspection is risky and it is better to call a professional for an inspection. But if you wanted to do it yourself, then at least you have to hire a professional roof repair service like Barnsley roofers.

It is not a good idea to try to save little money and put your home roof at risk. Remember to stay cautious and know your limitations!

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