how to make vertical pallet planter garden

How to Make DIY Vertical Pallet Planter or Herb Garden?

Making a DIY vertical pallet planter or a herb garden is a beautiful idea to decorate your front yard. You can also make an indoor pallet herb garden if you have someplace inside your house.

In this article, I will guide you on how to make DIY planters from pallets. You can also follow these steps to make your indoor pallet herb garden.

how to make vertical pallet planter garden

So, here we go;

Things you need

To make this vertical pallet planter, you need the following items:

  • A wooden pallet
  • Flower plants or herbs
  • Potting Soil
  • Nail Puller
  • Hammer and nails
  • Waterproof fabric or a wooden sheet

DIY Vertical Planters From Pallets

Vertical planters made from pallets are best for decorating the front yard. If you have old wooden pallets in your store, you can recycle the old pallets. Making planters from pallets is a creative DIY idea that can improve the beauty of your garden.

Garden planters made from pallets can be used to plant flowers or for herbs as well. Here is a guide for garden planters made from pallets:

Take an old wooden pallet. You can find 1 in your storeroom, or you can get it from your nearest local store. Make sure that the pallet is in good condition and it is not too rough.

pallet planter box

Use a nail puller to remove the slats to give it a proper vertical shape. Do this step if it is necessary. If the pallet is already in vertical shape then no need to do this.

If you remove some slats, you might need to fix them again in a vertical direction. You need some more nails and a hammer to do this.

Once done, now you can paint your vertical pallet box with your favorite color. Allow your vertical pallet box to get dry in the open air for 1 day at least.

color pallet box planter

Now it is time to close the bottom end of each portion of the wooden pallet. You can either use a wooden sheet for this, or you can use waterproof fabric as well. If you use waterproof baric, then you can use a staple gun.

You can also close the backside of the entire pallet by using a vertical fabric or a wooden sheet. It totally depends on your liking and disliking.


Now, your vertical pallet planter box is ready. Put the potting soil in each portion of the pallet boxes and plant your flowers or herbs in this box.

You can keep these planters made from pallets in your garden or you can also keep them inside your room to use as an indoor pallet herb garden.

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