Gun Rack for Ammo Wooden DIY

How to Make A DIY Wooden Gun or Rifle Rack

My rifles have been collecting dust, so I’ve been thinking about constructing a cabinet and a rack to store all of their accessories and ammunition respectively. After finding the designs for this one online, I made the decision to construct it.

You can use this DIY gun rack to keep any type of rifle, gun ammo like a 300 Winchester magnum, or any other types of short guns and even your old-fashioned swords.

Materials for Wooden DIY Gun Rack

  • Wooden Planks
  • Antique Brass Hinges for Cabinet
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Wood Glue
  • Stainable Wood Filler
  • Wooden Cabinet Knobs
  • Rubber Gloves & Old Rags
  • Jig Screws
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Epoxy

Gun Rack for Ammo Wooden DIY

Step by Step Guide to Make DIY Gun Rack

After deciding how I was going to construct it, the next step was to measure it out and then mark where each cut would go. To make the cuts, I simply used a jigsaw while holding a square in place with a clamp next to it.

During the cutting process, you should know about the size of the rifles that you are going to put on the stand. Also, you should know whether you want to keep 300 Winchester ammo in the cabinet or any other type of ammo. Keep the size of the packaging in mind as well.

wooden gun rack DIY

I was able to construct the curve needed for the decorative top piece by using a five-gallon bucket, and then I used the jigsaw to cut out the shape I needed.

I printed out a template and then constructed one for myself so that I could draw the curvature of the two walls that are holding the weapons in place. After that, I used the jigsaw to cut those pieces out as well.

Sanding of Wooden Pieces

how to make a gun rack

After I had finished cutting the boards to the appropriate dimensions, I sanded them all down. I also gave all of the edges that were going to be visible a small rounding, particularly the hooks that were going to hold the firearms.

Following that, I used the Kreg jig to drill out the pocket holes. I planned it out such that the holes would either be on the back or within the cabinet, making it so that neither the holes nor the screws would be visible.

how to make a DIY gun rack

When I first started putting together the rack, the first thing I did was apply a dab of wood glue in each joint. After that, you need to drive in the pocket hole screws. I purposely left the doors off so that I could more easily apply the stain.

In addition to that, I made the decision to test how well it would hold my airguns.

In addition, I prepared the surface for staining by filling in any cracks or seams with wood filler and doing any additional sanding that was required. Make sure you use wood filler that can be stained and also be careful about where you put wood glue since it cannot be stained and can potentially harm the product (I am speaking from experience here).

Staining Wooden Gun Rank

DIY wooden-gun-rack

This is the first time I have ever attempted to stain something, and I believe that it turned out nicely. I used a brush to apply the stain, waited approximately fifteen minutes, and then removed it with a rag.

This was the method that I used. I believe that I ended up applying three coats to the areas that are visible while only applying two applications to the areas that are not visible. I’m sorry there aren’t any images to accompany this stage, but the process tends to get a little bit dirty.

You should protect your hands by donning rubber gloves and preparing plenty of rags. The stain was used for this project, but it was only about the equivalent of one small can’s worth.

Work on Cabinet Doors

Wooden Rack for Gun ammo

In the time it took for the stain to dry, I worked on constructing the cabinet doors. After cutting the doors out with the jigsaw, I used a rasp to get them to the exact dimensions needed for installation, and then I sanded them down.

After that, I stained them to match the rest of the rack just as I had done previously. I also stained the wooden knobs that it got while I was working on it.

In the end, I installed all of the hardware, which included hinges, doors, knobs, and mounting brackets among other things. Your 300 Winchester magnum ammo will be safe in this beautifully constructed DIY wooden gun rack. By the way, from here you can get more information about the 300 Winchester magnum.

DIY Wooden Gun Rack

step by step guide wooden gun rack DIY

Make DIY gun rack

Gun Rack for Ammo Wooden DIY

I couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out. It has a pretty great appearance, and it is able to store both of my airguns and their ammunition. Thanks!

Images are taken from Instructable.

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