8 Tips To Make Your DIY Move Super Easy

Prepared for your forthcoming relocation or a moving task? Need to save a lot of money? If so, then you should probably just do it yourself. The time and effort you save by working with movers aren’t worth the cost.

There are, thankfully, cheaper alternatives to moving. When planning a DIY move, you may save money by renting moving equipment like a moving truck, a moving container, or a trailer.

You need to move your belongings when you are relocating, or even on a major home renovation task, you might need to move your belongings to a self-storage unit.

Get Helping Hands

A DIY moving task while relocating doesn’t mean that you have to do all the things yourself and all alone. Having trustworthy aid is a must when going for a DIY move. You can make a list of helping hands that you can get on a moving day.

If you don’t, you risk dropping your stuff and breaking it or, even worse, injuring your back. Make sure that everyone you engage, whether they are friends, family, or professional laborers, is reliable and trustworthy.

In case, you have no friends or you can’t find paid labor, then it is advisable to hire a professional moving company. Before you hire a mover, make sure to get the quote and check the reviews about them as well.

Rent a Moving Trailer or Truck

If you’re moving alone, renting a trailer or truck will make the process much more manageable. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost much, either.

If you plan on relocating on your own, you should book your truck or trailer well in advance, particularly if you plan on moving during the busiest time of year. Verify the dimensions of the load to ensure that the rented truck will accommodate it.

If you’re on the fence about which size to get, always go with “more” to ensure that your things have enough storage.

Make sure the truck rental business you choose has a drop-off and pick-up location convenient to both your current and future residences. When considering whether or not to hire a trailer, be sure that your current car can handle the extra weight.

Start Early

On the day of the move, it is best to be up and at ’em bright and early if you want to beat the heat. To avoid the heat and crowds, summer movers should hit the road no later than 10 a.m.

If you want to escape rush hour traffic, I recommend leaving either very early in the morning or around lunchtime. On a moving day, if you get an early start, you’ll have time to settle in and unpack before night.


The less stuff you have to relocate, the less stressful the process will be. You should get rid of as much unnecessary stuff as you can before moving day. The first step is to organize your storage areas.

You might try consigning or selling your less used things on the internet which are in good condition. Please consider helping humanity by giving your “not much used” clothes, furniture, and other household items.

Use High-Quality Moving Boxes

What you don’t want is for your fragile belongings to be crushed by the weight of the moving truck or to slide about in the bottom of an inadequate moving box. As such, before you start moving boxes around, make sure you have the right ones and enough packing materials.

Corrugated boxes, telescope boxes, wardrobe boxes, bankers’ boxes, and plastic bins are just a few of the specialized containers you may need.

In addition to the aforementioned items, I would also suggest moving straps, bubble wrap, foam pouches, newspapers, and heavy-duty packing tape.

Pack and Keep the Essential Kit Separate

You should bring a basic survival kit with you to your new house in case you become stuck there for the night. Why?

Because, believe me, in your new house, the last thing that you will surely want to do on your first night is to rummage through a never-ending pile of boxes trying to locate your underwear and toiletries.

Include things like medication, a toothbrush, a wallet, debit or credit cards, pajamas, and essential documents in your pack. This box of necessities should be kept in a designated, easily accessible area of the house and labeled accordingly.

Renting a Moving Container Can Be an Option

What is the best approach to saving money while doing it yourself? If you plan on relocating soon, you may want to look into hiring a moving container. The rental of a moving container is an alternative to, or in addition to, a moving truck.

Simply pack everything you own into the container, and we’ll take it from there. After that, the shipping container business will come to get it and take it where it needs to go. Incredibly simple.

Rent Moving Tools

I suggest hiring a moving truck and any other moving equipment you’ll need for the big day.

Regardless of whatever moving truck service you employ, you should be able to rent the majority of necessary moving equipment from them. Furniture dollies, furniture pads, and heavy-duty appliance dollies are all helpful tools.

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