Ergonomic Office Chair

How to Choose The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

You have to spend a lot of time in your office and most of the time you have to sit in a chair. It is important to choose the right office chair that can provide your body with good support and comfort.

If you don’t choose the right office chair, then you might feel pain in your back, shoulders, or even neck. Mostly you will see that professionals prefer to buy an ergonomic office chair. An Ergo chair Pro provides the best support and comfort to your whole body.

What is Ergonomic Office Chair?

An ergonomic chair is comfortable because it is specially designed to provide added support to the human body. Because you need to change your posture during your work, an ergonomic office chair is the best choice that is good in providing support and comfort, and it is good for your health as well.

What to Look for in an Office Chair?

The most important thing to consider while choosing an office chair is that it should be an ergonomic chair. With this, there are a few more things to look for in an office chair:

Adjustable Height

office chair adjustable height

The height of the chair is the most important thing that you should consider while choosing an office chair. Because you have to sit in the chair for hours, your thighs should be horizontal to the floor.

A good office chair will have a pneumatic leaver that helps in adjusting the height of the chair and you can set your seat higher up or lower according to your own height.

Adjustable Backrests

Different types of backrests are available in the office chairs. Since you have to work for hours, so your back should have good support. Some backrests are fixed with the chair but they can move backward and forward.

The lock mechanism of the backrest will provide good support to your back so that it should not tilt back suddenly.

Some chairs have backrests in which you can adjust their height as well. If you can afford it, select an office chair in which you can adjust the backrest according to your back position and your posture.

Lumbar Support is Important

lumbar support office chair

An office chair that has a naturally contoured backrest provides the best support and comfort. You should select an office chair that matches the shape of your spine.

You might start feeling back pain (especially in the lower back) if your office chair doesn’t offer a special backrest shape that matches the spine shape.

Try to select the office chair that provides good lumbar support that matches your lower back shape. If you get the perfect lumbar support chair, you can work with more concentration and your productivity will increase as well.

Seat Depth & Width

Seat depth and width are also important if you want to keep sitting in the chair comfortably all day long. An ideal office chair is one that has a deeper and wider seat.

If you are taller, you should look for an office chair with a deeper seat, while a shallower seat, if you are not tall enough. If you sit in the chair and have your back in contact with the backrest, your knees back should have a gap of 2 to 4 inches from the seat.

Breathable Material and Good Padding

Look for the material that is breathable for your body. If you have to work in a slightly hot environment, then an office chair that has a breathable material is a blessing. Otherwise, your body will start sweating and you will feel uncomfortable.

The padding of the office chair is also important. Don’t go for a chair that has hard padding. If you do so, you will start feeling pain after some time. Whereas, if you go for very soft padding, then it will not be able to provide good support to your body.

Office Chair With Armrests

office chair armrest

During your office work, you need a few short sessions to rest. During this time you need proper armrests where you can keep your arms and can release some strain from your shoulders and neck.

Look for an office chair that has adjustable armrests so that you can adjust them according to your requirement and body needs.

Office Chair with Footrest

reclining office chair footrest

During the rest time, your foot and legs also require some rest. A good office chair will have a footrest that you can use to relax during rest time. Even you can open the footrest and adjust the backrest in a position that allows you to lay down as you can do on a reclining sofa.

So, while choosing an office chair, you should look for a footrest as well.

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