Best Glamping Tents for Romantic Couples

Best Glamping Tents For Couples for Outdoor Romantic Camp Night

The popularity of activities that take place outside has significantly increased during the past several years. Glamping is one such activity which is famous among young couples. The term “glamping” is derived from the words Glamorous and Camping.

What could be more beautiful and glamorous than spending some time in a wooded area where you can get in touch with both yourself and nature along with your soulmate? In short, spending a romantic outdoor camp at night in a glamping tent is a wonderful idea.

Regardless of our efforts to persuade ourselves — or others — that we love camping, we recognise that not everybody finds it comforting to step aside from his nice glassware, sofas, and cosy bedding.

This is true despite the fact that certain people are all about living in the wild and experiencing nature in its purest form. If this describes you, then you should consider purchasing luxury glamping tents for couples that can also be used for families.

How We Select the Best Glamping Tents?

Since we began going on camping trips before we could even walk, our collection of tents is rather extensive. This means that we have weighed the benefits and drawbacks of every possible tent feature.

Our extensive background in camping, combined with extensive research into recent products, special features, and user evaluations, allows us to confidently recommend the following five tents for your future glamping adventures.

Among other design criteria, we thought about the form, size, materials, construction, setup time, cost, and portability. Every sort of camper can find their ideal glamping experience here, from ultra-luxurious to budget-friendly.

You may have all the comforts of home while camping by purchasing one of our recommended glamping tents and filling it with an air bed, bedding, a portable warmer, and some soft lighting.

If you’re a glamping rookie, don’t feel bad about it. Exactly why is currently the best time?

Best Glamping Tents For Couples

Check out this list of the best glamping tents for couples to experience a beautiful romantic camp at night.

1. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Glamping Tent

If you prefer spherical tents made of canvas (and who doesn’t? The Whiteduck tent is perfect for those who want a luxury tent but don’t have the money to buy a Lotus Belle. Almost one hundred customers have given it five stars or higher on Amazon.

The wool canvas is thick and watertight, the stove jack is set up for a wood burner, and the vinyl zipped-in top sheet is sturdy and simple to clean, so you can feel comfortable living in your tent during all four seasons.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Glamping Tent

Choose from a 10-, 13-, or 16-foot tent and transform it into your very own opulent tent sanctuary. One person can do the setup, but it’s not advised.

During hunting expeditions, I set up my 13-foot tent, which has plenty of room for 3 adults, cots, a cooker, some end tables, a tonne of gear, and a vestibule for muddy boots. It’s so roomy and convenient that you just could end up staying longer than the 14 days allowed by most natural forests.

2. Lotus Belle Glamping Tent

Lotus Belle Glamping Tent

Get comfortable with the glamping cocktail glass and enjoy the downtime. This luxury tent really is like anything out of a storybook, and that’s why it seems so fantastical.

This bell-shaped tent is 16 feet in length, but its width is 18 feet. It’s spacious enough for six individuals to do yoga in comfort, or for six twin-sized mattresses.

The fire- and water-resistant cotton canvas used in the construction of this luxury glamping tent is complemented with a thick PVC groundsheet in the shape of a bathtub, which also serves to trap heat and keep insects at bay.

Lotus Belle Glamping Tents

It includes two screen windows and 2 roof vents for maximum ventilation, a front door that can zip open to reveal a queen-sized bed, and lots of outside tie-downs to keep everything in place when the wind comes up.

You’ll need at least 2 people to set up this tent, yet you won’t ever live in it by yourself. You may never want to leave this Lotus Belle luxury tent because it sets such a high standard for luxury camping.

3. Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent


Although this glamping tent isn’t as flashy as the others in this assessment, it’s likely larger compared to your initial New York City studio.

This tent has a total of 283 sq ft of area, enough to create four distinct rooms: one for Dad and Mom, a second for the guys, a third for the ladies, and a fourth for lounging. And with three different entrances, you never have to worry about waking up your roommate or tripping over your own feet.

The polyester used to construct the body, ground, and rainfly of this shelter is also watertight. Setup will take time, practice, and at least one companion due to the 12 fibreglass poles (to save weight) and eight steel poles.


Many windows can be unlocked for ventilation or shut for insulation. With its large number of windows, spacious interior, and partially covering rainfly, this family cabin tent is not ideal for use in the winter.

Although the manufacturer says that 20 people may fit inside this monster, we strongly advise against trying this at home. Yet, this tent may be the answer to your troubles if you’ve got a big family or teens that require their own area.

4. Canvas Camp Patrol Deluxe Glamping Tent

Canvas Camp Patrol Deluxe Glamping Tent

This army-style tent is a luxurious take on the traditional military canvas pup tent, featuring upgraded features for your comfort. It has four doors (two front and two rear) with incorporated mesh windows to let in the passing breeze and ensure your comfort at night.

It is made of cotton canvas that is waterproof, breathable, and ready to battle the storm. The PVC groundsheet is sewn in and provides a great barrier to pests and dirt.

Patrol Deluxe Glamping Tent

Several guylines and 3 season steel poles (one at each door and one in the middle) provide the framework for this tent. There’s plenty of room for 4 large cots and luggage in its 13 by 11.4-foot dimensions.

Setup is best accomplished with two people, but it’s not a very difficult task that needs to be drilled into your brain.

As not every stove is the same size, Canvas Camp has made it so that optional stove jacks can be purchased and fitted quickly and easily on this A-frame tent. It’s a shoo-in to become a new favourite among campers everywhere because of its low price.

5. NEMO Wagontop Group Camping Tent​

NEMO Wagontop Group Camping Tent​

Nemo’s Wagontop has thought of everything to make sure a big gathering of people has a good time. The tent’s peak height of 80 inches makes it ideal for standing up and getting dressed, and the spacious interior measures 12 by 9 feet, so everyone can spread out and enjoy themselves.

With a single-wall design (no need for a separate rainfly) and only four poles, the frame can be quickly and easily raised by a single person.

NEMO Wagontop Group Camping Tent​

Large screen windows along all four walls let in fresh air and give the space a cosier, more “homely” vibe. There are two entrances, giving you flexibility in your movements.

The front porch, which can be pulled away when the sky is blue for greater views, protects from the elements and provides an excellent spot to store equipment.

The Wagontop is not as durable or compatible with stoves as competing canvas glamping tents. On the other hand, it is more compact, lighter, easier to transport and assemble, and more wind-resistant in stormy conditions.

6. Family Glamping Bell Tent

Family Glamping Bell Tent

This canvas glamping tent is not as sturdy or well-equipped as the Whiteduck bell canvas up top, but it is far more affordable. This standard size has a diameter of 13 feet, and larger options are also available.

The 100% cotton canvas construction of this basic glamping tent makes it ideal for use during the warmer months. There’s enough room for a queen-sized mattress and 2 twins, regardless of the pole in the middle.

Glamping Bell Tent Family

If the sun gets too hot, you can let some air in by rolling up the tent’s sides, opening the windows and vents, and unzipping the ground from the sidewalls. It’s a great all-around option for camping trips with the kids.

Glamping tents are easy to set up; you simply need to put up the main pole, peg out the ground, put up the entrance pole, and secure the tent with guy wires.

7. Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent


Because of their vertical walls, wall tents provide far greater interior room than their dome or bell-shaped counterparts. Sizes for this wall tent start at 8×10 feet and go up to 16×20 feet.

This glamping tent appears to be a temporary house than a camping tent, thanks to its heavy cotton canvas construction, aluminium rafters and frame, powder-coated metal brackets, robust sewn-in PVC floor, wide mesh window with storms flaps, and high-quality military-grade zippers and hardware.

Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

The wall tent has resistance to moisture and can accommodate tiny portable heaters, making it suitable for use all year round. If you want to pay for maximum comfort, however, the heat-resistant model with a cooker jack and flap, as well as textiles treated for fire protection, is your best bet.

It will take at least two, and preferably three, adults to create this monster. The work spent putting it together is justified by the feeling of warmth and familiarity it provides. You’re practically ready to make your home in the woods now that you know how to split some logs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Glamping Tents

Tents designed specifically for glamorous camping exist in an incredible array of styles and configurations, making it difficult to pick just one. In addition to the other considerations, we suggest that you give careful thought to the tent’s dimensions, form, materials (structure), and ease of assembly.


The bell-shaped glamping tent is the style that started it all, remains the most popular option, and is also our personal favourite. However, there are a variety of alternative forms available, including safari (A-frame), wall (with taller walls than like a safari), dome-shaped, and typical glamping tents in larger sizes.

The aerodynamics of a bell-shaped tent are superior to those of safari tents, but safari tents offer more area that may be used for living and less space that is wasted, and classic camping tents can have any shape you like.


The standard size of a camping tent is 6 feet by 6 feet, although glamping tents can be as huge as 16 feet in circumference (bell tent, large). Most can accommodate at least two twin-sized mattresses. Glamping tents, in contrast to traditional tents, do not typically advertise their maximum number of occupants.

This is because the whole idea of glamping is to relax in comfort, not to squeeze as many people into a small space as possible. A 13-foot bell tent would be ideal for three individuals with sleeping cots, tonnes of gear, a wood-burning fire, and a dining area in the centre.

Easy to Set Up

Big canvas glamping tents often need two persons to set up properly. Tents vary in complexity from those with a single central pole to those with multiple corner poles, as seen in safari-style (outfitter) tents.

It’s possible to set up and take down traditional camping tents with just one person. Here you can find out our step-by-step guide on how to set up a DIY camping tent.


A PVC floor, steel poles, Cotton canvas, and sturdy guy lines make up the standard glamping tent. They are the strongest and the most flexible, as they may be modified to house a wood-burning stove.

Waterproof polyester and nylon, the material of choice for conventionally sized glamorous camping tents, are lighter in weight and even more breathable than the more traditional canvas.

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