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10 Home Decor Indian Influencers To Follow On Instagram

You’re looking for ideas to decorate your home, but the inspiration just won’t come, are you? The following is a list of 10 professional home decor Indian influencers, who are interior designers on Instagram that you should follow to receive the best advice on home decorating.

They believe that the way in which you decorate your home represents your own personality and has the ability to change the mood that you are in at any given time.

However, embellishing a home may be a laborious and time-consuming endeavor. There are much too many specifics to keep straight in one’s head, such as selecting the appropriate color scheme, locating the appropriate pieces and furnishings, and assembling the best possible collection of plants.

In order to make things simpler for you, we have compiled a list of Instagram accounts belonging to home décor bloggers and designers who are sure to encourage you to experiment with new ideas:

1. Sonakshi

Sonakshi, a former banker who is now an interior designer, is known for the intelligent DIY decorating ideas she implements. Her appreciation of the world around her, particularly its textures, patterns, and works of art, was the impetus for her decision to pursue a career in interior design.

She presents easy home decorating ideas with a splash of color through her Instagram account, with the goal of bringing positivity and functionality into the space.

2. Seema Singh

Seema Singh is a passionate gardener and home décor enthusiast living in Bengaluru. She is responsible for inspiring others by her own aesthetics.

A few glimpses into her home reveal stunning antique antiques and furnishings, as well as hints of the color green here and there. Her passion for plants is evident in the way she decorates her home, which exudes an atmosphere that is restorative, calming, and verdant.

3. Rohina Anand Khira

An additional lifestyle as well ass home decor enthusiast who has won awards for her work, Rohina Anand Khira offers her interior designs and ideas for do-it-yourself projects on Instagram. In addition to that, she is the Chief Executive Officer of AA Living, a home design firm situated in Mumbai.

She shares a variety of home decorating hints and suggestions to help you make your house a dream home. In addition to that, she gives an insight into her daily life, which is centered on art, interior design, and traveling.

4. Rukmini Ray Kadam

Rukmini Ray Kadam, who is based in Mumbai and is known as an influential figure in home decor, presents her ideas on the well-known blog Trumatter.

In addition, she has been honored with a number of accolades for the effortless and inviting ways in which she decorates her home, using a combination of modern and classic styles.

Her concepts are straightforward and center on the use of neutral tones, such as off-whites and pastels. She uses commonplace items to fashion lovely decorations that are calming to the eye.

5. Shalini Ganguli

Shalini Ganguli is a well-known interior designer and an influential figure in the home decor industry. She is known for designing spaces that accurately portray the occupants. She is known for her innovative and contemporary approach to interior design, in which she combines aspects of both Indian and Western aesthetics.

Her Instagram feed contains ideas that range from the simplest to the most intricate forms of home decoration.

6. Preethi Prabhu

Preethi is known for her blog, in which she discusses low-cost decorating ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and other topics. Preethi is an engineer but she was born to become an interior designer and home decor enthusiast.

She makes it a point to spruce up even the most boring situations by applying a dash of color wherever it is possible to do so. In addition to that, she promotes regional handicrafts and art decor objects that can improve the look and atmosphere of any room.

Her Instagram account is a veritable treasure trove of colorful ideas, showcasing a variety of interior design styles, ideas for home restoration, and home tours.

7. Neethu Nambiar

Neethu Nambiar who is from Bengaluru shares in her lively articles and reels how she brings life to every nook and corner of her house through the use of minimalism in her decorating style.

All these home decor and interior designer Instagram influencers share their Instagram reels and video. You can get a lot of DIY home decor ideas from their Insta reels.

In case you want to save your favorite Instagram videos of home decor DIY ideas, you can use FastDL to download on your Android or iOS devices, or even on your laptop.

8. Pinky

Pinky is a home décor blogger as well as an interior designer, and she uses both her blog and her Instagram page to show off her stunning residence. She creates rooms and nooks that are colorful and have an ethnic feel to them.

Her attention to detail and love of a variety of colors contribute to the one-of-a-kind quality of her sense of style. She is also a fan of brass.

9. Reshma Kadvath

The Instagram page that Reshma Kadvath maintains is a veritable treasure trove of inventiveness, including stunningly exquisite pairings of various home design items. It is also fascinating to observe that the majority of the materials used as decoration have been repurposed, recycled, reframed, or revived in some way.

Through her ideas, which may be described as either classic or minimalistic with a hint of a rustic aesthetic, she advocates for environmental responsibility and encourages upcycling. Additionally, she posts a number of upcycling do-it-yourself suggestions.

10. Disha Mishra Dubey

Blogger Disha, who writes about interior design, is constantly coming up with simple and inexpensive new ideas for the home. She presents a number of do-it-yourself suggestions that people can use to personalize the appearance of their rooms to suit their preferences.

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