DIY Horse Shelter

How to Build a DIY Horse Shelter on a Budget? Cheap & Portable Ideas

If you talk about the best and loyal domestic animal on earth, horses should be at the top of the list. They are loyal and better than all other animals on earth. If you love them, you will get double love in return.

If you want to keep a horse as a domestic or pet, keep in mind it is not a small commitment. Horses need special love and care that could be very costly and hectic too. For instance, only the horse shelter might cost you $500-$1000 or even more.

DIY Horse Shelter on a Budget

Therefore, I’m sharing how to make a DIY horse shelter on a budget. Here is a budget-friendly method regarding DIY horse shelter.

How to Build Simple Horse Shelter

If you are looking for a simple horse shelter round run-in shed shelter is the best idea. You will not need any other person to make this horse shed.

Supply List To Build Round Run Horse Shelter

Here are the things you will need to build a DIY horse shelter:

  • 4’ x 4’ pressure treated posts
  • 3—¾-inch plywood sheets (Painted)
  • 3—52” x 16’ cattle panels
  • 12’ x 16’ heavy-duty tarp
  • 1 box of 2-inch screws
  • Box of fence staples
  • 30—11” UV black cable ties
  • 100—8” UV black cable ties
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

It took me 4-6 hours to make a cheap horse shelter and the best part is, it cost me only $250.

Make DIY Horse Shelter on a Budget

Let’s start, placed 4’ posts in the ground in front of each other in two rows. You can see in the picture for a better and clear idea. Now take the paint pieces of plywood and gently connect them with the bottom of the posts. Put a screw on each post temporarily to make sure it will not move.

DIY Horse Shelter on a Budget DIY Horse Shelter

Now take cattle panels, bend them and place them between the posts and plywood. Then take the cable ties and secure the panels on the posts. Now do not forget to connect a rope to all corners of the tarp.

You can see the images for a more clear idea. Now put the tarp over the shelter and use cable ties so that each corner will stay in place.

how to build horse shelter simple-horse-shelter

So if you are looking for cheap horse shelter ideas, then round run-in shed shelter for Your Horse is the best one. For temporary situations like bad weather, this shelter is the best and works perfectly. It’s better to put a little effort of 4-5 hours and you can save more than $1500.

There are several DIY horse shelter plans you will see on the internet but a run-in shed shelter is the only one that is economical and easy to build.

Simple & Cheap Horse Shelter Ideas

Here you can check a few more simple and cheap horse shelter ideas that you will surely like. These are round run in-shed horse shelters and you can find the horse shelter kits as well if you don’t want to make them yourself.

Most of these round-run horse shelters are portable as well. You can bring these portable horse shelters along with you to your next destination.

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Still, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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