Empty Paint Can Planters

How To Make DIY Empty Paint Can Planter

Best way to recycle boxes is to use them for the plantation. Every house gets painted once a year. After the paint job is done old paint cans are left behind. They can be used to do plantation.

But to make empty paint can planter, what we need to do is to remove the paint which is still inside. We can remove that paint by scraping the paint from the can.

Once the paint is scrapped properly, try to wash the can. This will clean all the toxic paint and now we only need to dry the can. Use a proper towel or other such cloth for drying the paint.

These cans normally have a marketing poster outside the can. Try to remove them off as well. If they are not scrapeable there are different kind of removal liquids which can remove the logo on the cans.

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Empty paint Can planter will only look beautiful without the logos. If there are company logos and stickers outside, you can’t make beautiful paint can planter.

DIY Empty Paint Can Planters

Make a proper hole at the bottom of the can so that water can be drained. The hole can be made with a nail and a hammer.

Now comes the turn of painting. Different kind of painting can be done here but the most common one is spray painting. It will take ten minutes to completely paint the can.

People use different kind of stickers to paint cans. These stickers add art to the can and they look beautiful. Paint can be done with freehand as well.

If this is your first DIY project, then make sure that you decorate it with proper fabric. Choose the right fabric which suits surrounding where Can planter will be placed.

Measure the Can and then cut the fabric. After cutting the fabric place the glue on the Can. Now apply the fabric on the Can, keeping pressing gently to check fabric is sticking to can or not.

Now add some small stones in the can this helps the roots of the plants to receive proper water. After adding stones now add soil that should 6 to 7 inches in height. Now add the plant in the soil and give some water.

Make DIY Empty Paint Can Planters

Paint Can Planters

Paint Can-Planters

Empty Paint Can Planters

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