How to Remove a Tree Stump, or a Dead Tree From Garden?

How to Remove a Tree DIY

A dead tree in the garden can be dangerous for your home or for other properties around your home. For example, it can damage your car or it can also damage the property of your neighbors. So, it is important to remove a dead tree from the garden before it may cause any damage.

You can also consider removing the tree stump from the garden as well, though it is not necessary. Tree removal is not an easy task so it is recommended that you always hire a professional tree removal service.

Is it Safe To Remove a Tree Yourself?

A lot of risks are involved in a tree removal project. Even if it is done by professionals, tree removal is a risky task because a small mistake can cause huge damage.

DIY tree removal project is also very risky because when a tree fell down, you need to know from which direction it will go. If you are not able to control it, it can damage your house building, and your car in the entryway, or it can damage the public property around your house.

So, don’t remove and cut a tree yourself unless you have full knowledge and until you have taken all the safety measurements. With that, you should have safety gear as well.

But we recommend you a tree removal expert service near you. You will find the contacts of different tree removal services on any home improvement blog. Whereas, if you are willing to do it yourself, then you should know how to remove an old dead tree from the house.

How to Remove a Dead Tree Yourself?

How to Remove a Dead Tree

As I said earlier DIY tree removal is not an easy task. Good knowledge is a must and you should know about the possible risks involved.

You need to remove a dead tree in steps. It is not good to just go and directly cut the tree from the bottom. Here is a guide on how to remove a tree yourself:

  • Remove Long Branches: First of all, you need to remove the long branches of the tree. If you don’t do this, these branches will be dangerous for your property when you cut down the tree and it fell down.
  • Get an Idea of the Falling Zone: You should have good ideas about the falling zone of the tree. Old dead trees are normally leaned on one side. Watch your tree carefully, and if it is leaned in one direction, most likely it will fall in the same direction.
  • Clear Your Falling Zone: Once you get an idea of the falling zone, clear that area. There shouldn’t be anything that can get damaged because of the tree.
  • Choose Escape Route: After the necessary tree cutting is done, you need to move from that area to a safe place before the tree falls down. So, it is good to choose two different escape routes. Both roots should be clear so that you can clearly escape to a safe place.
  • Have safety Gears On: Before you start your DIY tree removal project, have your safety gears on. The most important safety gears are a hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, safety earplugs, and a dust mask.
  • Water Your Tree: You need to dig around the tree so it is good to water your tree a day before. It will help you dig the soil easily around the tree.
  • Cut the Notch: You should make a notch cut on one side of the tree. This site should be the same that you have and the idea that the tree will fall in this direction. This notch cut will help the tree to fall in the same direction.
  • Use Chain Saw to Cut the Tree: Now from the opposite side, use your chain saw to cut the tree in a parallel direction. This should be about 5 cm above the notch cut level.
  • Escape From There: Once you feel that the tree starts falling, escape from that area as soon as possible. It will save you from any damage that can be done if you are near a falling tree.
  • Keep an Eye on the Falling Tree: You can’t control a falling tree if it is big when it starts falling. But even then, you should have an eye on the falling tree. If you feel something is not good, you can at least do something at the last minute.

That is it. You have successfully cut down and removed your old dead tree. Now you only have the tree stump in the garden.

How to Remove a Tree Stump

When you have a tree stump of a dead tree, it is not necessary to remove that. Removing a tree stump is difficult and it can damage the garden as well because it may have long roots deep in the ground.

You can easily transform a tree stump into a planter table or chair. In case you don’t want to do this, then it is good to call a tree removal expert who also has knowledge of removing a tree stump from the garden safely. On this home improvement blog, you can find more details about it.

If you want to do it yourself, then I will share this guide very soon. Just keep visiting my blog and subscribe to the blog feed so that you get a notification when I post any new updates.

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