Leaving Dog Alone At Home? DIY Day Care Tips and Crafts

Do you need to leave dog home alone while at work? Having pets at home is an extra responsibility. Pets are so cute but they are innocent as they can’t take care of themselves. They need love, affection, and proper care from the pet owner.

Especially there are some special breeds of dogs that are very sensitive. The owner should pay special attention to them. In this article, I am going to discuss a few ways that can help in taking care of your dog when you have to leave the dog home alone while at work.

Leaving Dog Home Alone Tips

Being a responsible pet owner, you should always take care of your dog even when you are at your work. These tips and DIY pet projects will help you to take care of your dog and other pets when they are home alone.

Don’t forget to buy a dog bed for older dogs as it will make them feel cozy and they can rest in their beds during the winter season.

Make DIY Water Fountain

Indoor Pet Water Fountain

Dogs and cats require water regularly and when you are not at home, it would be difficult for them to drink water. Because they can’t open the tap and it is not a good idea to have running water at home.

So, the best solution is to make a DIY water fountain for dogs and cats. It will not waste any water, and a small motor (5 volts) will circulate the water from the fountain into the bowl.

The dog or the cat that you have at home will drink the water whenever required. Here is a tutorial on how to make a DIY pet water fountain.

Have a Pet Feeder At Home

Dogs alone at home also require something to eat and you can’t let them eat unhealthy food when they are alone at home. The best solution is to have a pet feeder while leaving a dog at home.

You can always have special dog food in your dog feeder and it will be available for the dogs or other pets when you are not at home. You can either make a DIY dog feeder, or you can buy an electric pet feeder that has a lot of different features.

Install Pet Camera

Thanks to technology, different pet camera are available for their security. Just install a pet camera at a suitable place that should be accessible by the dog when leaving it at home.

With this pet camera, you can communicate with the dog anytime from anywhere. These are IP-based cameras and when you try to communicate with the dog or other pets at home, the screen will automatically turn on and your dog will see you on the small screen.

Different pet camera systems have a built-in speaker as well so that your dog can hear you when it is home alone. With pet cameras, leaving a dog home alone while at work is not a big problem.

With that, you can also get dog daycare software that offers a lot of different services. This software is free to try and easy to set up. You can do a lot of different things with it to groom and daycare your dog.

Hire a Dog Walker


For even better care, you can hire a dog walker as well who will walk your dog on your mentioned route and time. He will also take care of the dog’s food and water. During the day, they will dispose of any waste material as well.

Dog walkers are professionals so they know very well how to take care of a dog and how to be friendly with them.

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