DIY Hanging Tire Planters

How to Make DIY Hanging Tire Planters For Your Garden

If you want to improve the visible space and want to utilize the vertical space of your garden, then hanging tire planters are a perfect idea. These planters will give a new colorful look to your garden. Here you can check more creative DIY planter ideas.

How to make DIY Hanging Tire Planter

If you want to add beauty to your garden, then follow this simple and easy guide to make DIY tire planters.

Find a Tire

The first step is to find a good tire which should not be too old. The tire should be in good condition and make it sure that it is not cracked. The tire should be big enough to hold the soil and the plant.

If you select a much bigger tire then it will become very heavy and it would be almost impossible to hang the tire planter. We recommend using an old car tire.

Wash and Paint

The old tire would be in bad condition and there might be so much dust and mud on the tire. You should first wash the tire with water and soap, use a brush to clean any mud in the tire.

DIY Tire Planter

If you don’t clean its dirt, it will be difficult to paint it. After cleaning the tire, paint it with primer and then use a color spray to paint it. Use bright and cool colors instead of dark color. You must avoid black color. Use outdoor paint that should be nontoxic and durable.

Make Holes for Drainage

After you paint your tire, drill the bottom of the tire to make a few drainage holes, just like you did in the tree stump planter project. Then use some cloth or other suitable material on the hole to stop the spilling of soil from that drain.

Add Soil and Fertilizer

Now, you have to select a high-quality potting mix and then you should also mix slow release fertilizer in it. If you can use water retaining granules with it, that would be a great idea because you can’t water such plants frequently.


Now, you have to choose a plant from this DIY tire planter. You can choose any of the plants of your own choice. Take the plant out of the pot and put it in the tire planter. Then add some more soil on the plant to cover its roots.

Now, add some water slowly and make it sure that it doesn’t spill the soil.


Hang the DIY Tire Planter

Now you have to find a suitable place in your garden to hang your DIY tire planter. If you have a tree in your garden, that would be the best place to hang your tire planter.

hanging tire planter DIY ideas


DIY Hanging Tire Planter Ideas with Images

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Hanging tire planter ideas


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