How To Make DIY Recycled Pallet Table? A Step by Step Guide

Have you ever wondered what came first: the pallet or forklift? The answer is pallets. This type of structure is used for over 100 years for keeping the base. It is used for the storage purpose of heavy materials or any other stuff. And with the help of a forklift, you can lift those pallets and move them from one place to another. But for that, you need to first choose the right forklift for your business.

Some DIY persons use those pallets for creating their home or office furniture. Pallets are the easiest ones to transform into a table or for any kind of DIY furniture. So, today you will get to know how to make a DIY recycled pallet table step by step including the tools and materials guide. This guide will help you to deconstruct a pallet and turn it into an outdoor table.

Tools and materials you will need

  1. Sanding machine
  2. Marker or pencil
  3. Wood glue
  4. Nail gun and nails
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Staining finish
  7. Circular saw and circular saw guide
  8. Drill and screws
  9. Measuring tape or scale

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Make DIY Recycled Pallet Table

These are the steps that you should follow to create a pallet table.

  • Step 1: Break the pallets

Dismantle Pallets

Separate the boards from the pallet and remove the nails by using a hammer or drill.

  • Step 2: Cut the plywood

Cut the Plywood

With the help of a circular saw, cut that plywood to the desired size you want for your tabletop. Take the help of the guide to trim the boards at the desired size.

  • Step 3: Mark the line

plywood sanding

Take a marker or pen to draw a line till the center of the plywood. It will line up the boards and will help you at the time of sanding. For sanding, take a sanding machine with the attachment and sand down the pallet boards lightly. In case, you don’t want your table to look rustic, go for more detailed sanding.

  • Step 4: Attach boards

Now take all the boards and attach using a drill and screws. Arrange each board at the end and one in the center. You can take a scale and pen or marker to draw the line.

  • Step 5: Apply glue and stick

Attaching boards with glue

Apply the glue at the back of the pallet board and lay it down. It will help the boards to stay in place while nailing. Take the nails and nail gun, to put nails to the plywood.

  • Step 6: Make a frame

Take the additional wood pallet and use it for making the table frame. Cut that wood according to the thickness of the tabletop. Then take a circular saw and cut another piece of wood to attached at the bottom of the table.

  • Step 7: Attach four legs and drill pilot holes

Pallet table legs

Now, take all four legs of the table and attach it to your pallet board with the help of screws. Place the tabletop upside down and drill holes into the bottom of the table to attach it.

  • Step 8: Screw and dry

The last step is to screw all the parts and flip the table. You can sand the rough spots and coat the table with polyurethane.

  • Step 9: Stain the boards

If you want your boards to be more contrast in color, then you can consider staining it.

Some FAQs that you should know

Many things might run into your mind while you create a pallet table, such as

  • From where you will get the pallets?
  • How many pallets will need to make one coffee table?
  • Can you build a pallet table with new lumber?
  • How can you waterproof your table?

Make sure you have answers to your every question so that you don’t face any problem while doing the DIY pallet.


So, with these easy steps and materials, you can create your pallet table step by step. Even you can create other things out of pallets such as a desk, photography corner, swing, cooler stand, and many more things. It makes your home more appealing and welcoming. You can even place that in your office or at home. Moreover, you can also maintain your forklift condition by using pallets properly.

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