Five of the Most Impactful Outdoor Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

The exterior of your home is just as worth doing up as the interior. Not only does doing up your outdoors help improve the value of your place, but it’s also a great way to feel at home from the moment you turn on your driveway or come onto your street after taking public transportation.

You deserve that moment of seeing your home around the corner and feeling like you are at home. That unconscious relaxing of the body that happens when you come across a place you like the look of, and feel safe in.

Yes, you likely won’t get around to doing up the exterior of your home until later in your homeowner journey. That’s okay! When the time comes, however, know that these top projects will carry the most impact:

1. Redoing the Trim

If it’s been some years and the paint is falling off the trim of your windows, or your windows are moldy, falling apart, and so on, then redoing them is one of the best things that you can do.

For some, this may be a very fast, very easy fix of simply prepping the surface, repainting it, and then resealing it. If your windows are in dire straits, however, then you will want to look into getting them replaced.

This is particularly important if you’ll be upgrading from single to double pane.

2. Replacing the Door

Your front door does a lot for your exterior design, but more importantly, it’s one of the most functional pieces in the home. If your door doesn’t offer much in terms of either security or draft prevention, it’s time for a much-needed replacement.

If, on the other hand, your issue with the door is purely aesthetic, then a simple brush up with a new coat of paint will do.

3. Give it a Pressure Wash

If your pavement or patio spaces are grungy, slimy, or just not looking their best, then you need to bring in a professional like cheshirepressure.com. Not only can they completely breathe new life into your old drive, but they can also make key fixes like redoing the grouting on any tilework so that it’s finally free of cracks, mold, and more.

A good, effective clean can do wonders, especially when you have a tool like a pressure washer and, more importantly, those who know how to quickly and safely fix up your space for you in a jiffy.

4. New Hardware

Adding new door knockers, doorknobs, and lights can do so much for the exterior design of your home. These are also very easy to swap out, since you aren’t relocating any wiring or holes.

Just remember to make sure that the replacements you choose are weatherproofed; otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a lot of issues like rust in the future.

5. Use Landscaping

If you have a fully paved over the front, then use planters to help add some greenery to your front. Otherwise, have some of the pavement taken up so that you can add a few key plant beds.

Choose hardy plants and even plants that have a bit of bite to them, like holly. Not only will these look great once they come into their own, but they can also offer additional, low-tech protection.

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