Watch and Learn How to Make a No-Sew DIY Dog Bed

There are two basic methods for making a dog bed on your own and with the help of your children which is a fun way. Make a DIY dog bed without any sewing by following the step-by-step guide.

Buying a dog bed may be expensive, as anyone who has done so, knows.

You undoubtedly have a lot of money spent on new dog beds if your dog is anything like mine, who destroys anything with fluffy stuffing.

That was until I had to stop buying stuffed dog beds for my puppy AJ after he destroyed three of them in less than a month since I had learned my lesson!

By the way, in any case, if you want to buy a dog bed from the market, then consider these things while buying a dog bed for older dogs.

The temptation to remove the filling from dog beds was too much for AJ, so he slept on towels or old pillows and pillowcases. In spite of how well-received this idea was, I was saddened to see old towels and pillows littering my floor.


As a result, I came up with some fun and easy DIY dog beds for him.

It’s time to learn how to make a dog bed!

When it comes to making dog beds, I’ve come up with two possibilities.

To help you make both of these DIY dog beds, I’ve included a video guide.

How to Make a DIY Dog Bed

A Walmart fleece blanket and an old pillow from the attic were all that were needed to make my first no-sew DIY dog bed.

Option 1: No-Sew DIY Dog Bed Guide

By tying three-inch-long tassels you cut along the edges of your dog bed fabric together, you “stitch” the bottom and top layers of your dog bed cloth together.

DIY Dog Beds Guide

Fun DIY Dog Bed

To use your pillow or foam insert, fold your fabric/blanket in half.

For the 3′′ tassels and the dog bed stuffing, add an additional 5′′ to the circumference of this rectangle.

Simply work your way around three sides, tying the strips together in knots once you’ve cut out the bottom and top bed parts and made tassel strips.

Easy DIY Dog Bed

Finish tying the fourth side after placing your pillow, inserting, or stuffing inside the pillowcase.

Untie some of the ties so that you can wash your dog’s bed later. Replace the pillow and retie.


Option 2: DIY Dog Bed from Pillowcase

I bought a plush pillowcase from Walmart and a $6 piece of foam from there to build the Pillowcase Dog Bed.

To make the pillowcase fit the insert, I turned it inside out and sewed two inches in from the edges all the way around.

After that, all I had to do was flip the pillowcase over and insert my foam. Done!

DIY Dog Beds No Sewing

No Sew DIY Dog Bed

Eady DIY Dog Bed Video Tutorial

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