DIY Cat Bed Guide

Step by Step Guide for a Perfect DIY Multi-Purpose Cat Bed

Who doesn’t want to spoil their favorite furbaby with the most comfortable and stylish accessories? Sometimes you can find it hard to keep from splurging on various toys to keep your beloved pet happy and entertained.

DIY Cat Bed Guide

But what if you can create the perfect DIY cat bed that will satisfy the needs of even the pickiest of felines, while also saving you some cash?

To create this multi-purpose cat bed, you will only need a handful of things and a couple of hours of your time, and you can be sure that your cat will love you for it!

The cat bed will double as a scratching post, satisfying your kitten’s need to use their claws and sparing your furniture from being the victim of this habit. And if this wasn’t enough, it’s also got a shoe brush attached, so that your cat can rub onto it, massaging their little head with it.

What you’ll need

  • 30x40x22cm wooden box
  • 10m 6mm dia. natural sisal rope
  • Soft shoe brush
  • Acrylic paint of your choice
  • Little painting brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pillow

If you managed to gather everything you needed, let’s move on to the next steps.

DIY Cat Bed


This beautiful multipurpose cat bed is a great help for your cat grooming. Here you can get some useful guides for cat grooming.

  • Pick up a wooden box with the measurements 30x40x22cm. If you happen to have a larger cat, consider using a bigger basket.
  • Take the sisal rope and start covering one of the sides of the box with it, with the help of a hot glue gun.
  • Keep going around until you reach the center and the whole side is covered with rope. This will be the scratching surface for your cat.

  • Glue a soft bristle shoe brush to the opposite side of the box. Your kitten will be able to massage its head with this.
  • Get a pencil and start sketching your cat’s name on the front panel of the box.
  • Secure the end of the rope with the glue gun, making sure it doesn’t unfold.
  • Glue down the rest of the rope following your sketch until it spells out your cat’s name. This will make your project more personalized.
  • Use acrylic paint of your choice to paint over the rope so it would pop more.
  • Place a soft pillow inside the box to transform it into a comfy bed for your cat.
  • Your multi-purpose cat bed should now be finished. Your cat will surely enjoy it!

So there you go – your step-to-step guide to create the perfect bed for your four-legged friend! To make things easier you can download the guide, so you can check it anytime you need when you’re getting all crafty. Good luck and happy crafting!

Check this infographic for more details:


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