Plexiglass vs Glass

Plexiglass or Traditional Glass? Which One is Good For Your House?

Plexiglass vs Glass

Plexiglass and traditional glass both are prevalent materials among household owners. Both materials have their own properties, making them unique from each other.

If you are confused between these two materials to use for your next project, you might like to give our guide a thorough read.

Property Pexiglass Glass
Glare & Reflection Less More
Maintenance Less More
Weight Less More
Shatter Resistance yes No
Strength More Less
Recycling Easy Difficult

Glass is an amorphous material made out of non-crystalline compound heated and converted to solid from liquid form. In comparison, plexiglass is an acrylic sheet made out of petrochemicals. It is more plastic in nature, known as polymethyl methacrylate.

Glare & Reflection

Traditional glass surfaces reflect and glare more than plexiglass. That is why plexiglass is a more used material in aquariums. Projects like agriculture-related or building greenhouses need stronger material.

Polycarbonate sheets are more robust than plexiglass so consider using them for such purposes. Plexiglass allows more light to pass through it, while traditional glass reflects more than pass light.


Glass collects dirt as it has no other purpose. That is why it requires everyday cleaning. If you cannot give your glass a hand daily, you may like to install plexiglass because of its less maintenance property.

Moreover, you need special glass cleaners for cleaning traditional glass. Plexiglass collects little or no dirt and requires much less maintenance than any traditional glass.


The weight of plexiglass is half of the traditional glass. This makes plexiglass easy to cut, move, and install. Plexiglass is a good option for different window sizes and styles as it is easy to cut in different shapes.

Traditional glass is very brittle and challenging to cut for architectural purposes. One slight hit from the wrong side can damage traditional glass. Custom designs and shapes are only possible with plexiglass.

Shatter Resistance and Safety

Plexiglass is safer than any traditional glass. Plexiglass can take a heavy beating or sudden throws without leaving a crack. In contrast, standard glass breaks into pieces from any outside impact.

People living in such regions that are prone to hailstorms and hurricanes might find plexiglass a popular choice because of its strength. Moreover, when broken, plexiglass doesn’t break into tiny little dangerous pieces as traditional glass does.


Traditional glass is easy to recycle because it only needs heating. On the other hand, plexiglass is just like plastic as petrochemicals are used in plexiglass, making it difficult to recycle. Glass is environmentally friendly comparatively plexiglass.

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