Keeping It Cool with POCKET PANDA Outdoor Mister and Cooling

 The POCKET PANDA Outdoor Mister and Cooling device is a portable and convenient option for staying cool in outdoor settings.

Maximize the Cooling Effect of Outdoor Mister

Proper placement: Install the misting system strategically to ensure maximum coverage. Position the misters in areas where people gather or where you want to create a cooling zone. Consider placing them near seating areas, outdoor dining spaces, or lounging spots.

Adjust nozzle placement and angle: Ensure that the misters are directed towards the desired area and not wasted on surfaces that don’t need to be cooled. Adjust the angle of the nozzles to achieve the best coverage and cooling effect

Optimal misting frequency: Find the right balance between misting frequency and water conservation. Adjust the misting intervals to maintain a comfortable and refreshing environment without excessive water usage. Experiment with different settings to find the ideal misting schedule for your needs

Featured Patio Misters for you


Best Flow Kit: Patio Mist Cooling Kit 65FT + 20pcs Brass Nozzles

  • The Patio Mist Cooling Kit includes 65FT long tubing and 20 brass nozzles. This kit is designed to create a cooling mist effect on your patio or outdoor space, providing relief from hot summer temperatures. The brass nozzles are durable and can be adjusted to control the misting intensity.
  • With 65FT long tubing, you can easily cover a large area and customize the placement of the misting nozzles. This kit is a great addition to any outdoor setting, allowing you to enjoy your patio even on the hottest days.
  • The brass nozzle is durable and adjustable to control the intensity of the spray. With 65 feet of pipe, you can cover large areas with ease and have the flexibility to install nozzles as needed.
  • This set is a great option for outdoor settings, allowing you to cool off on your patio even on the hottest days

Best Filter Kit: Misting Systems For Patio Kit 50FT + Filter

  • The Misting Systems for Patio Kit includes a 50FT long tubing and a filter. This kit is specifically designed to provide a misting system for your patio or outdoor space.
  • The 50FT long tubing allows you to easily cover a significant area and customize the placement of the misting nozzles. The included filter helps to remove any impurities or debris from the water, ensuring a clean and refreshing mist.
  • This kit is a great addition to your patio, helping to cool down the area and create a more comfortable outdoor environment.

Best and Easy Management: Outdoor Misting System 65Ft + Water Timer

  • 【DIY YOUR OWN OUTDOOR MISTING SYSTEM】This US standard Outdoor Misting System can be used as an outdoor cooling system for a patio, fan, umbrella, porch, pergola, vestibule, animals, or use as a garden irrigation kit. Cools the surrounding air temperatures up to 20℃ or 68℉.
  • 【CUT THE LENGTH YOU WANT AND EASY TO INSTALL】65 Feet water hose with 20 tee fittings and a tube cutter, which can be more freely customized to the length and angle you want. All the accessories you need have been provided, and your idea about your own cooling system can be realized within ten minutes.
  • 【MUTI-FUNCTIONAL SPRINKLER TIMER】It has 3 modes, auto/manual/rainy days delay. With auto mode, the watering duration can be from 1 minute to 99 minutes and watering frequency can be from 1 hour to 23 hours or from 1 day to 15 days. With manual mode, you can water your flowers and plants from 1 minute to 99 minutes. With rainy days delay mode, you can postpone the watering process to save water and electricity.

How to Buy?

Purchasing our misting systems is easy. You can visit our website https://misting-system.com/ to browse details of different models or get in touch with our professional team for customized advice. We’ll support you with installation and maintenance to keep your system running efficiently.

In this hot summer, don’t be disturbed by the high temperature anymore. Welcome to our misting system store and enjoy a new experience of thirst-quenching, cooling, and comfort. Act now to make your summer cooler

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