How to Prepare Your House For a Major Renovation? A Guide For Home Owners

Every homeowner needs to renovate the house at least once in a decade. You need to renovate your house to make it more comfortable for you. Or you can also remodel your house to increase the resale value of your house.

Whatever the reason is, the first thing is to get ready for renovation. For this, you should have an idea what are the areas that need more attention and what are areas that can be improved by simple ‘Do It Yourself tasks.

With that, you also need to prepare your house for a major renovation. Here are some most important things that every homeowner should know before starting a home renovation project.

Be Mentally Prepare

The most important thing is to prepare yourself mentally for the home renovation. There will be a lot of mess, your daily routine and social life will be disturbed. It would be difficult to go to parties or family functions during the home renovation project.

Get ready for a lot of noise and dirt around you. Be mentally strong because you will have to make tough decisions as well. If you are not ready for these things, your home renovation project could be a failure.

Find a Storage Room

Though you can move your furniture and other heavy items in the house to a separate room while working on the renovation on other parts. And then move these items again to a different room. But this is not a good idea at all. You can save some money like this, but your furniture, appliances, and your home as well are at stake.

It is recommended to find a separate storage space, a storage room near your house. You can keep your most important and moveable items there in the store safely. It is good because you won’t need to move these things again and again.

Hire a Moving Company (If Needed)

When you find a separate storage space for your belongings, you need to move them. But moving furniture, especially beds, sofas, and other heavy items, is a risky task and you should not do it yourself. It could damage the furniture and your other precious belongings.

In that case, it is recommended that you hire a professional moving company. A professional moving company will move your furniture, heavy electric items, and other heavy items with care and by ensuring their safety as well.

Make a List of Your Belongings

During the home renovation project, there will be different persons coming to your house or apartment on daily basis. They will come in and go out of the house so often and many times you will not be there to supervise them.

So, it is always a good idea to make a list of all the belongings that you have in your possession at your home. It is a good idea from the safety of your belongings and from the decluttering point of view.

With this list, you know what you have in your house, what extra things you might need to purchase, and what items that are of no use, and you should throw them out or sell them online.

Mold Inspection and Remediation

Detection of water leaks in the house is very important as it can create mold due to excessive moisture in your house. In some cases, you can find the mold at home yourself, but it is not a good idea as you can miss many places which are hard to reach.

You should contact house inspectors who offer professional mold remediation services. They will not only detect any water leaks, mold, and other moisture-related problems with their special tools and expertise, but they will fix all the problems as well.

Don’t even think about any home renovation project without doing mold inspection and remediation.

Update Your Security System

Since a lot of people and strangers will be working in your place and many times you would be in your office, it is important to have an updated security system.

  • Install a video doorbell to monitor the deliveries.
  • Install smart door locks so that you can easily program them to allow access to new people.
  • If your budget allows, install a CCTV system as well.

Think About Your Appliances


Home appliances are important and some of them, like kitchen appliances, can’t be there in the house during an ongoing home remodeling project. So in that case, you need to think about downgrading your appliances so that you can move them easily.

You can have a mini refrigerator where you can store food leftovers and can have drinking water as well. Instead of your 52″ LED, you can get a 30″ LCD to get updated with current affairs and breaking news.

One more important thing is that, if you need to buy new home appliances after completing your home renovation project, select those appliances during the home renovation.

It will help you to set up a custom space for your new home appliances according to their exact dimensions.

Clean Your Home Afterwards

When you think that all the work is finished, the most important thing to do is there. After contractors left your house, you need to clean the leftovers. Your home renovation contractor might not do this for you and you need to look for special services.

Not over the leftovers, you might need some other services as well. You might need a carpet cleaner so that you can clean your carpet before you use it again. For that, you can look for reviews about local businesses and services. In this way, you can find professional carpet cleaners in Teaneck, NJ.

You need to clean a lot of dust and stains from the floor as well. You can do it yourself, but it will take a lot of time, so consider hiring contractors for these tasks as well.

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