What Are Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets and Their Brief History

Shaker cabinets are a popular choice that many homeowners find to be a positive addition to their kitchen. In this illuminating and beneficial article, we’ll go over the fundamentals of shaker cabinets and how they work.

How well they complement your sense of taste and style, as well as the kinds of kitchens in which they will look their very best. In addition to that, we will explain to you which varieties of wood are superior and the advantages of using each one.

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In the event that you are interested in gaining additional knowledge regarding shaker kitchen cabinets, we have lots of information that we can share with you along the path. Let’s get started.


What is a Shake Style Cabinet?

To say the least, shaker-style kitchen cabinets are on the simpler side, as their very name suggests. The concept that early Americans strived to live lives as unpretentious and uncomplicated as those led by the Shakers exemplifies this ideal.

Because the majority of immigrants could not even come close to affording many luxuries, their way of life frequently reflected this.

Cabinets of a Shaker style were regarded as uninteresting by many people who came from predominantly wealthy homes throughout their childhood. This is the single most important factor that determines the appearance of Shaker cabinets.

Why Do We Call Them Shaker Cabinets?

The history of shaker cabinets may be traced all the way back to the very beginning of the history of the United States. This practice dates back further than 246 years, to the time when the very first religious Quakers came to the United States.

Shaking Quakers was a clever nickname given to the group by early colonials, and it stuck with them throughout their history. This moniker was eventually abbreviated to just “Shakers,” and this became the phrase that was used to refer to them going forward.

During this time period, Shaker cabinetry was also developed; the Shakers followed a very particular process when building their cabinets. They led very simple lives, and this simplicity was represented in the form of the Shaker cabinets, which is what gives them their recognizable look.

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It wasn’t until these communities started selling their extra food to those outside of their circle that they saw any significant change. In essence, this is how the rest of colonial America learned about the doors and furnishings in the Shaker design.

Shaker Cabinets

In contrast to other religious groups, the Shakers were quick to adapt to contemporary equipment, which allowed them to continue their tradition of woodworking without being limited by archaic practices.

In order to boost their manufacturing capabilities, they utilized power equipment that was belt-driven. The superb quality of this minimalist furniture was also appreciated by the sensibilities of Americans living in the 19th century.

The United States did not begin to change until the start of the Civil War, which was followed by a terrible schism between the two sides. This event marked the beginning of the end for the Shakers.

There are two primary justifications for why shaker cabinets continue to be known by this term. The first one comes from the narrative of how these cabinets were first developed back when they were first invented. One of the expanding numbers of self-sufficient private communities in the United States, the Shakers were able to function quite independently.

Their abilities in day-to-day living allowed them to stay alive on their property by providing them with food that they independently cultivated and grew.

Due to the fact that the Shakers were formerly known as the Quakers, this religious sect was exceedingly industrial and skilled in the art of woodworking. Due to the fact that many of these Friends were descended from Scandinavian, German, and English ancestry, they had a distinct mentality that emphasized working from the land.


The devotion they had for their religion merged inconspicuously with their straightforward morals. To be humble in your day-to-day life meant that you should also keep your home subdued and make it blend in with the environment in which you live.

Shaker-style cabinets get their distinctive moniker for a second reason, which is that the method of woodworking used to construct them is highly particular. The appearance of these cabinets is the result of a mathematical calculation, and the design itself is quite straightforward.

The total structure of the door frame is composed of just four rails. A flat panel that is inserted into the frame can be found on the interior of the frame itself. A door that is characterized by its unadulterated straightforwardness is comparable to an ordinary picture frame in this regard.


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