Bounce House Fun for Kids

5 Ways To Add More Fun to Bounce House For Your Kids

The bounce house is a great way to entertain your kids. Usually, kids love to jump and play in the bounce house that they can find at any nearest fun land or playing area.

But if you have your own bounce house in your front yard, you can make it more fun by introducing different games to your kids. 4 years kids to 12 years kids enjoy a lot in the bounce house.

Here are the 5 ways to add more fun to a bounce house for your kids:

1. Fill it With Ball Pits

Ball Pits Bounce House

Jumping in the ball pits is totally safe because these balls will not hurt your kids. Moreover, these ball pits are safe for the bounce house as well. These are softballs that will not puncture your bounce house and kids would love to jump on the ball pits.

If you fill one part of the bounce house with these ball pits, your kids will enjoy it a lot. The goofy sounds made by the ball pits would be something that your kids would love.

With that, you can make it more beautiful if you use different colored ball pits. You can buy a pack of 200 ball pits from Amazon at a very reasonable price.

2. Collect Your Balloons

Balloon Fun in Bounce House

This would be a great game for your kids. Tie your kids in the opposite corners of the bounce house and mark a line for both. They should not cross that line in any case. Then keep 20 balloons between the two marked lines.

These balloons should be of 2 different colors. 10 balloons of each color and the task would be to collect balloons with your selected color. Select the color by a toss and then kids need to collect the balloons of the color they select.

They should not only collect their own color, but they also need to keep the other color away from their portion and away from the reach of the competitor.

After the time is over, count the number of balloons on both sides. One who has more balloons of their own color will win the game. If the number of balloons of their own color is the same, then one who has less number of balloons of competitors on its side will be the winner.

3. Time Challenge Games in Bounce House

Bounce House Fun Games

Time challenge games are a great way to add more fun to your bounce house. You, as a parent will stand out of the bounce house and will give a command to jump for 1 minute.

On the command, kids will start jumping and they should keep jumping till the time is over. One who stops or fell down before time will be out of the game.

After 1st turn, you will change the command, like jump on one leg for 30 seconds, or frog jumping for 30 seconds, etc. Keep changing the commands after every turn and one who survives till the end will be the winner.

4. Game for Birthday Child

bounce house birthday-fun

If you get a bounce house on rent for your child’s birthday, then arrange some games for the birthday child. One scenario could be the birthday child will sit in a specific position in the center. Other kids will start jumping around him.

The purpose of jumping should be to force the birthday child to change his position by disturbing his balance or to get him to fall.

There could be many other ways to make your birthday child entertained in the bounce house.

5. Freeze in Bounce House


The most difficult task for kids is to freeze in a bounce house when it’s shaking. So you can create a game that requires the kids to freeze at a certain time.

Start some music or birthday song and ask your kids to start jumping in the bounce house so that it starts shaking a lot. At a certain time, stop the music or song. At this point, all the kids need to freeze at whatever point they are.

The one who fails to freeze and fall down will be out of the game. Restart the game again by resuming the music and repeat the same course until you have a final winner.


A bounce house can be used in a lot more different ways other than these 5 ways. Even your kids can convert it into DIY kids crafting gallery to make different types of DIY crafts.

You can also enjoy with your kids in the bounce house and can plan more games that have your involvement as well.

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