How To Make A DIY Dollhouse With A Shoebox For Kids

Repurposing used cardboard boxes into a fun new play can be accomplished by constructing a DIY dollhouse out of the material. DIY Dollhouses are an excellent source of entertainment that may be organized in a wide variety of ways. Making a dollhouse from cardboard is one of the best Kids crafts that girls will definitely love.

DIY Dollhouse With A Shoebox

DIY Doll House Shoesbox

Making a DIY shoebox dollhouse out of cardboard is a creative and entertaining way to build a structure that they can all call their own. Here is a step-by-step guide for making a DIY dollhouse using a shoebox:

Find a big Shoebox

The ideal option would be a shoebox designed for adult-sized shoes. If you can locate a shoebox designed for boots, you will have even more space to work with.

Halfway cut the Shoebox Top

Make a roof to protect your dollhouse by constructing it out of the lid of the shoe box.

  • Create an extended “V” form by taping the two sides together on both ends to create the shape.

Put the Roof on Your Dollhouse

Put the uncovered shoebox on the side so that it is facing you. Attach the roof in the shape of a “V” to the top of the shoebox using glue. The area directly underneath the roof is large enough to function as a loft for your dolls.

Cut Windows and Doors

Make window openings in the shoe box by using a razor blade or scissors to cut out squares on both sides of the box. To make a door, remove the bottom center portion of the backside of the box and cut off a rectangle with three sides.

Columns and Furniture

You may make the columns that are on the front side of your DIY dollhouse out of toilet paper tubes. Create useful items out of cardboard offcuts and scraps.

  • Create a table by placing pieces of cardboard on top of toilet paper tubes that have been cut in half.
  • To make a bed, assemble several cardboard rectangles by gluing them together.

Decorating the House

You can decorate the inside and outside of your home with paint or wrapping paper by using these materials. Wrapping paper can be used to decorate the entire house for a unique and festive appearance. Wrap the house in wrapping paper and secure it with tape.

DIY Dollhouse Ideas Made from Shoebox

DIY Doll House

DIY Dollhouse

Make a DIY DollHouse

Shoebox DIY Dollhouse

Dollhouse DIY

Use a shoebox to make a DIY Dollhouse

DIY shoesbox dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse from Shoesbox

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