Unique DIY Gifts For Your Loved One on This Valentine’s Day

It is an old tradition to gift something special on Valentine’s day to your loved one. On the 14th of February people celebrate this event worldwide and they love to present unique gifts to their loved ones.

There is nothing better than a DIY or a custom-designed gift to your other half. When he or she knows that you have made this gift yourself, it adds value and it makes one of a kind gift that will be taken care of for a long time.

These are some unique gift ideas that are best suited on valentine’s day as a couple gift.

DIY Heart Plate With Ring

Heart Plate with Rings Valentine's Day Gift

If you want to propose to your girlfriend, or if you want to present a best valentine’s day gift, then a DIY heart plate with a ring is the best choice. You can design a heart shape plate by using oven-baked clay.

You can write your love quote in the center of the plate, or you can use a red color valentine’s day card as well. Attach that card with the plate and use some flowers as well.

Rings on the plate, and that would be the best Valentine’s day gift that she will remember for years.

3D Anime Printed Character

Little You Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It is also a great idea to gift a 3D anime printed character and the best part is you can design and customize the character yourself. This can be done for any event of the year and especially for valentine’s day.

In fact, you can imagine that it is your own “Little You” version. So you can customize the cartoon to have facial features as you and you can also dress it as you

Don’t know how to do this? Just visit https://www.littleyou.ca/ and you will see a detailed video tutorial on how to design a custom 3d anime character. After watching the video you can create one yourself by using a lot of customization options.

After customization, you can place your order and you will get a printed character of yourself, or Little You in printed form. You can create an imaginary anime character or your spouse or lover as well that somehow have the resemblance, at least in fashion sense.

To customize this Little You, you can visit https://www.littleyou3d.com/play.

DIY Valentine’s Day Card

DIY Valentines Day Card

Another great way to surprise your other half is to give a DIY valentine’s day card. The red color crafting paper is best to make this beautiful DIY card. If you are creative you can use paper-cut flowers as well and can also make some hearts as well to show your love.

To make it a unique gift, you can again use ‘Little You’ characters that portray yourself and your lover.

If you want to do this, first place your order for a 3D print of custom anime design and then prepare the DIY valentine’s day card. Use different colors for different items on the card so that each object should have its own importance and leave an impact.

Valentine’s Handmade Candy Jar

Valentines Day Handmade Candy Jar

Almost everyone has an empty jar at home that can be used in different ways. The best use of an empty jar is to transform it into a handmade valentine’s day candy jar.

Obviously, you need to put colorful candies in the jar that you can gift to your girlfriend. She would definitely love it. But before that, you need to decorate this jar. You can write a beautiful message or a valentine’s day quote on the jar. Use a special color marker that works on glass.

You can also take some part of fabric, needle, and thread to make this mason jar. Get a red-colored beautiful fabric that should be 1 to 1.5 inches in width and have a length more than the diameter of the jar.

With thread and needle, sew the fabric from one edge while keeping the length of the thread on either end. Now, to create a ruffle, you need to pull the thread and the fabric from both ends.

Your Valentine’s day handmade candy jar is ready.

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