5 Home Renovation Projects That Can Increase Resale Value

You can do the home renovation from two different perspectives. One is for yourself which depends on your own liking and disliking, and the 2nd is to increase the resale value of your home.

Many homeowners consider their own liking and disliking even when they are renovating the home to increase resale value, but in the end, they don’t get their investment back. It is because, sometimes, the buyers are not interested in those areas where you invested just because you like that.

Whether you are renovating your home for yourself, or to increase its value, always prefer to get the services of the best buildings inspection team to get an idea what are the areas which need your attention.

After getting this idea, now you need to decide what types of renovations can increase the resale value of your house. Let’s discuss 4 home improvement projects that can raise the value of your house and can help to sell the house quickly.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Color Change

If you feel that your kitchen needs renovation, then go for it. But never invest in your kitchen to make a deluxe kitchen that has expensive appliances, and luxury cabinets and that looks more like a kitchen of a restaurant. Many buyers are not interested in deluxe kitchens.

A simple painting with modern colors and style can improve the overall look of the kitchen. It will increase the value of your house with little investment. Also, try to use low-VOC paint that doesn’t have chemicals that make breathing difficult.

If you have old appliances in the kitchen, then buy some new energy-efficient appliances. This investment will not only save your bills but also the buyers will be more interested in your house.

Make sure that you buy the energy-efficient appliances at the right time when they are available on the Black Friday sale, new year sale, Cyber Sunday sale, or other sales like these.

Repaint Your Entire Home

Repaint Your Home

Repainting your house can increase the resale value of your house in 2 different ways. Number one, it will make your home more beautiful and you can hide any wet spots on the walls, which makes your home more attractive to the buyers.

Number two, painting is a good renovation project in order to protect the structure and the building from extreme weather, storms, rain, and other atmospheric problems.

When it comes to painting, you should be very careful about the color combination in your rooms. Kids’ rooms must have bright colors whereas, the living room must be a light color that is suitable for the eyes.

For kitchen painting, don’t consider light colors because there will be more spots because of cooking. Dark colors can hide the wet spots, spots of smoke, and other food-related spots.

Exterior painting is also very important because fresh exterior paint can improve the first impression of your house. Dark colors are preferred for exterior painting in Calgary.

Consider Adding a Bathroom


If your house has only one bathroom, then you should consider adding a bathroom to your house to increase the resale price. Constructing a new bathroom would not be a good idea. Instead, you should look for a small room that is not in use and can be converted into a bathroom.

Or, you can add a bathroom under the stairs (in case you need to build a half bathroom), or in the space of a closet. You can look at some more areas or rooms which are underutilized and can convert that into a new bathroom.

Same as the kitchen, don’t install the expensive accessories in the bathroom when you are doing this only to increase the resale value to get more money. A simple bathroom can return 100% to 130% of your investment. But when you make it complicated and expensive, then you will hardly get a 70% to 80% return on your investment.

Repair All Plumbing Issues

Fix Plumbing Issues

When your house has plumbing leaks, it is not possible to sell the house. Or you can still sell the house but you will not get the good money. If you have plumbing leaks then you must invest in the repair of all plumbing issues.

Even if you have hidden plumbing leaks like in the wall or underground pipes, then invest in their repair as well because it will help in making your home appealing. A wall that has wet spots due to plumbing leaks looks less appealing and buyers will not pay a good price for your home.

Maintenance of water tanks is also important in order to get a good price for the house. If you have a damaged or small water tank, consider replacing it with a bigger one that can be suitable for an average family of 5 to 6 persons. Consider disinfecting the water tank as well and then seal all the gaps to secure the water stored.

Reinvent a Room

Reinvent a Room

Constructing a room in a new space is not a good idea as it will require a lot of budget and will not return that much when you sell your home. The best way is to convert the existing space in the home into a room, it will not only save money, but it will add value to your home.

If you have an unfinished basement, it is best to finish the basement and add a room there. It will be the best investment as you will not only have an extra room, but you are adding value to your home as well. This new room will appeal to the new buyers as well.

You can also convert the attic into a bedroom. If you have kids, then you can convert the attic into a kid’s room as well. It will attract many buyers who have kids in the family, they will be interested in a house that has a beautiful room for their kids. You can also give this room a slight look of a crafting room for the kids.

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