8 Amazing Loft Ideas To Double Your Living Space

It is no longer sufficient to simply make the most of the available floor space in order to produce a home that is both comfortable and practical in today’s market for ever-smaller condominiums.

Instead, you should consider whether or not it is possible to generate additional space within those four walls. And no, moving into a larger home is not the answer to the problem.

Because of the higher ceilings that are standard in many modern condominium units, adding a loft is a great way to increase the amount of space that can be used for practical purposes without having to move.

So don’t look down; instead, look up at these 8 loft ideas that can help to ‘increase’ the square footage of your small home:

1. Reading, Dining, and Closet in Living Room

Reading, Dining, and Closet in Living Room

If you believe that a living room cannot contain a reading nook, dining bar, kitchen, and storage closet all at the same time, this square-shaped loft is here to disprove your beliefs.

No space is wasted, as storage niches and shelving have been built into virtually every nook and cranny of the structure, from the steps of the staircase to the bookshelves on the mezzanine level. This design packs a powerfully functional punch.

2. Mezzanine Level Theme

mezzanine level

Here’s yet another perspective on lofts: instead of constructing a single platform, the mezzanine level of this home winds around the entire living area, thereby producing a continuous ‘corridor’ that is capable of housing significantly more.

As it continues to extend beyond, the ‘walkway’ is able to accommodate a leisure corner where people can play cards (and darts).

3. Make a Movie Area in Your Living Space

movie area in loft

You will no longer have to argue with your family members about who gets to watch the most television in the living room. On top of your sleeping area, this chic home provides a solution in the form of a private TV nook; all you have to do is create it!

The cozy elevated platform in this bedroom, which comes complete with a couple of bean bags and cushions, is ideal for watching multiple episodes of a show all at once.

Here you can learn how to make a cinema with your loft.

More Loft Ideas

  • 4. Making use of the narrowness and height of its layout, this unit has been able to accommodate two loft spaces, effectively creating additional functional areas beyond the one-bedroom floor plan that it originally had.
  • The homeowners have a larger loft that is perched on top of the open kitchen. This loft serves as their study “room.” In the meantime, the second, more diminutive platform is transformed into a walk-in closet.

Here you can check a few amazing DIY bathroom organizers to double the storage.

  • 5. Imagine a set of bunk beds on a much larger scale. An otherwise cramped bedroom is transformed into two independent sleeping areas by making use of the room’s elevated ceiling height. Each of these new sleeping areas features a bed, study desk, and wardrobe all to itself.
  • 6. This built-up loft, which serves as the centerpiece of the room, offers eye-catching style in addition to its practical benefits. The study area on the mezzanine floor received some much-needed additional storage space (as well as a visual boost) in the form of stacked shelves and the two “pillars” that are holding the structure up each function as both an eye-catching feature shelf and a practical storage cubby.
  • 7. On the other hand, this home’s spare and lofted study stands out in its own unique way, making use of clean lines and uncluttered carpentry to create an effect that is more subtle. The teeny study nook is only a few square feet in size, but it gives the impression that it is much larger than it actually is because its design is limited to straightforward forms and its color scheme is white and wood.
  • 8. Do you reside in a small apartment? The construction of a wall or partition that extends from floor to ceiling has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of space you have available. As a result, if you want some privacy but still want an open floor plan, you might want to think about constructing a loft bed like the one in this project that divides the space where you sleep from the areas below that are shared by other people.

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