DIY Dollhouse Cardboard

How to Make a DIY Dollhouse Using a Big Cardboard Box

Making a doll house using old boxes is a great DIY kid’s craft. Especially for your daughters, it would be an amazing task that they can do at home by using old cardboard boxes.

You can also check out another project of a DIY dollhouse using a shoe box here. While you can keep on reading to check this tutorial on how to make a DIY doll house using a big box.

Make DIY Dollhouse using Big Box

Place Flaps in a Large Box

When tucking the flaps inside the box, utilize the peak of a box that is sealed shut on one side as a guide. Our dollhouse’s exterior edge will have greater structural stability thanks to the additional cardboard we have.

  • Put some tape on the interior of the box to secure the flaps.

DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

Consider the Inside Dimensions of your Box

For the construction of your dollhouse, you are free to choose any kind of box you like. If you use a larger box, you’ll have more room inside the house to develop different rooms.

  • Take measurements and think about how many rooms you want your house to have before writing down the numbers.
  • In order to determine how many rooms should be on each floor of the house, split the measurement of your box with the total number of rooms. Each room’s breadth is represented by this value.

Divide the Box’s Height by your Dollhouse’s Floors

The height of every single room is represented by this number.

Create the Walls and Floor with Cardboard from another Box

Make sure to cut the cardboard so that it is a few inches bigger in either width or height than the box.

  • The additional length will be put to use in the creation of a flap, which will be used to secure the walls as well as the floor to the interior of the enormous box.

Attach the Bottom of the Box with Glue

DIY Dollhouse Big Box

On each side of the sheet of cardboard, fold a flap that is approximately one inch in width. Applying glue to the underside of the flap will secure it to the interior of the huge box, which will serve as the foundation for the second floor of your dollhouse.

  • To further strengthen the floor, “L”-shaped bracing should be attached to the underneath of the floor. Put them at the four corners of the room and at intervals of approximately six inches all the way around the floor.
  • Apply glue to the floor as well as the wall of your dollhouse to secure the reinforcements.

Make a Slit to Join the Walls

Make a cut in the floor where you just cemented it in about halfway through. To enable the wall parts to connect with one another and form a solid wall cut a slit that is analogous to the one in the center of each wall component.

Fasten the box’s Walls in Place

Cardboard DIY Dollhouse

Apply adhesive inside the box so that the walls can be attached to the inside of the container. Slide each wall into place over the slits you made on the floor using the slits as guides.

  • When you want to attach the cardboard to both the ceiling and the bottom of the ground of your dollhouse, make a flap on the piece of the wall that is at the top and bottom.
  • Put a bead of glue down the borders of the box where the exterior wall meets the sides.
  • Apply glue along the slots that have been cut into the cardboard for the floor and the walls.

Door and Window Cuts

Eliminate the windows and doorways that lead from one room to another.

  • Utilize a razor blade to make cuts on the outside of the house in the shape of squares.
  • Create doors between the rooms by slicing three edges of a rectangle while keeping the fourth, longest side linked.

Put a Roof on Your Dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse Cardboard

At the very top of your dollhouse, fasten an enormous sheet of cardboard that has been folded into a “V” form.

  • Create a rectangular shape that is 8–12 inches broader than the house itself and an inch or two deeper than it.
  • Create a “V” shape with the cardboard by folding it in half and creasing it in the center.
  • Use a glue gun to secure the roof of the dollhouse to the exterior walls of the structure.
  • Using a sheet of cardboard cut into the shape of a triangle, fill in the eaves that are located under the roof and above the ceiling in your home.

Use Acrylic Paint to Decorate Your Dollhouse

Acrylic paint is a great way to give the outside of your house some color. You can even paint the interiors of the rooms as well as the floor in order to give each area its own unique feel.

Decorate Your House

Put your creative skills to work in furnishing the bedrooms, the living area, the bathroom, and the kitchen of your dollhouse.

  • Wrapping paper can be used to make wallpaper, which can then be applied to the walls. Apply some glue or tape to secure the wrapping paper.

DIY Cardboard Furniture

Make chairs, tables, beds, and other items out of cardboard by folding and connecting the individual pieces in inventive ways. Make rugs and covers for couches out of old clothes you have lying around.

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