DIY Hanging-Teacup Bird Feeder

How to Easily Make a DIY Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder

Well, you do a lot of things for your garden to make it perfect for yourself. But don’t forget that birds also love your garden and you should do something for them as well. Your garden should be perfect not only for you but for the birds as well who daily visit and makes your garden more beautiful with their lovely colors and melodious voices.

The best thing that you can do for the birds is to feed them well and have some water in your garden. You can easily do this by making a DIY teacup bird feeder. There could be various designs and styles of teacup bird feeders but in this post, we are going to make a hanging teacup bird feeder.

You can also make a birdcage planter for your garden.


DIY Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder

Let’s get started working on this beautiful DIY craft:

What Do You Need?

  • Obviously an old teacup
  • A saucer
  • A table knife or tablespoon
  • Any Adhesive glue
  • A string or twine
  • Bird Seed of course

Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder copy

ٖFirst thing first, wash the teacup and saucer with warm water and washing soap to remove any oil or other stuff from the cup and the saucer. If your cup and the saucer doesn’t match, no need to worry about it. You can make this DIY hanging teacup bird feeder with any cup and saucer. So you can use a teacup for this birdfeeder whose saucer has broken and vice versa.

Place your teacup in the saucer and get help from the table knife to adjust the teacup onto the plate. Adjust the teacup at a particular angle that you feel a good angle. If you need the support of more table knives don’t hesitate to use more.

make DIY teacup feeder

Once you make the proper adjustment, now pick up the teacup carefully while keeping the knife at its place. Now take the adhesive glue and make a thick layer on the saucer where you need to place the teacup.

After you put the adhesive onto the saucer, now put your teacup back without changing the location of the table knife. If your teacup falls in a direction, get the support of another knife. Let it dry as per the directions on the adhesive packing. I allowed this bird feeder two days to dry so that teacup sticks to the saucer properly.

Caution: While keeping the teacup onto the saucer, make sure that the handle of the cup faces up so that you can hang it.

DIY Hanging Teacup Bird-Feeder

Now the last step. Take a string or twine and make a knot of it around the handle of your bird feeder so that you can hang it with the tree or any other hook in your garden. Put the birds feed you have in the feeder and you made your first DIY hanging teacup bird feeder.

DIY Hanging Teacup Bird-Feeder

Images are taken from Easy Peasy and Fun.

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