Creative Birdcage Garden Planter Ideas

How to Make DIY Birdcage Planter for Your Garden

You can add beauty to your garden or home by making a simple and easy DIY birdcage planter. This will be an easy DIY planter project and you can make this using the household items.

You can hang this birdcage planter in the garden at a tree, or you can hang it on the entrance point. You can also hang the birdcage planter indoor by using the indoor plants in it.

You can even hang a series of different DIY birdcage planters in your garden. It will look great, and you can add lights to make them more beautiful at night.


Required items:

  • An old bird cage
  • Coco Liner
  • Potting mix
  • Paint & paint brush
  • Plants

Follow steps to make birdcage planter

After you have all the items required, you need to follow these steps to make your own DIY birdcage garden planter.

  • As you are using an old birdcage, so make it sure that you have to clean it properly. Use a disinfectant to clean the cage and also clean the rust from the cage.
  • After cleaning, you need to use the paintbrush to paint the cage. Use your favorite color to paint the birdcage and make it sure that it matches with the color theme of your garden.
  • Inspect the screws and tighten them if they are loose. When you put the soil and plant, it will become heavier.
  • Lining the cage is important as the soil can be spilled out of the cage. Use coco liner for this purpose.


  • If you don’t want to use coco liner, then you can put a container as well in the cage.
  • Fill one-fourth of the birdcage with the potting mix and the fertilizer. You also need to put some water as well.


  • Break the root ball of your plan and put it gently in the soil.
  • Now, you just need to hang your birdcage planter at your favorite place in the garden or in the house.

That is it. Now you know that it is very simple to make a DIY birdcage planter. So, find an old birdcage at your house and make your favorite birdcage planter yourself.


With this, you can also make DIY empty paint can planers.

Birdcage Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Birdcage Planter Ideas

Birdcage Planter Ideas For Garden

Birdcage Planter Ideas for Garden

Birdcage Planter Ideas for garden

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