Amazing DIY Planter Ideas House Hold Items

Some Amazingly Creative DIY Planter Ideas from House Hold Items

Many people throw out the household items which they believe are useless now. But when you love DIY projects, only then you may know the importance of these “useless” household items.

If you are creative and you love to “Do It Yourself”, then you can make DIY planters from your household items and you will never throw these items away.

Here in this post, we will present some insanely creative DIY planter ideas. So, let’s check these:

DIY Empty Paint Can Planters

Empty Paint Can Planters DIY

When you paint your house your store gets full of empty paint cans which you either throw out after the paint project, or the contractor takes those empty cans with him.

But why are you wasting these precious empty paint cans? When you have a creative mind, you can use these empty paint cans to make a lot of useful and impressive DIY crafts.

For example, you can make DIY empty paint can planters. You have the cans, you have the paint as well in some half-empty cans so just bring some plants or flowers and create your own empty paint can planters.

DIY Birdcage Garden Planters

Creative Birdcage Garden Planter Ideas

Have you bought a new birdcage for your parrots or other birds? Well, your birds deserve a new home for them as they also need some change.

But what will you do with the old birdcage you have? I bet, you will never throw it out if you are a creative DIYer. You can hang the birdcage in your house after decorating it.

You can also make a creative DIY birdcage planter for your garden. You can get a lot of birdcage planter ideas from our website.

Transform a Tree Stump into a Flower Planter


When you feel that it is difficult to get rid of the tree stump in your garden, you need to think positive at that moment. You should start imagining what you can make out of that useless tree stump?

The first thing that most of the DIYers can think off, is to transform the tree stump into a beautiful flower planter. This is the best use of a tree stump.

You don’t need to put an extra effort into this. In fact, if you try to remove that tree stump from your garden, it will take much more effort as compared to making a flower planter of a tree stump.

DIY Hanging Tire Planters


Old tires of your car are not useless as you can make a lot of things using these expensive tires. Out of many uses of the old tires, one is to make the hanging tire planters for your garden.

These beautiful and colorful tire planters will not take much of your time and you can make these planters yourself easily. You just need to buy some paint can, a brush and the flowers which you want to plant in the tires.

You can keep the tire planters in your garden on the ground, or you can also hang them on the tree or at any wall. Here you can learn how to make the DIY hanging tire planters.

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