How to Transform a Tree Stump into a Beautiful Flower Planter?

A tree stump in a garden usually doesn’t look good and most of people try to get rid of it. Well, it is hard to get rid of a tree stump because it has deep roots in the soil. So, it is better to make a tree stump planter instead of removing it.

It is easy to make a DIY tree stump planter when it is at least 16 to 20 inches tall. If you love different DIY Planter Ideas then this is a good DIY project for you.

Remember that if you are not interested in transforming a tree stump into any other creative purpose, you can remove the tree stump from the garden. But never try it yourself as this is not a DIY task.

You should call experts and top tree services around you so that they can remove the tree stump from the garden for you. They will make sure that there is no damage done to your property in and around the garden.

How to Make a DIY Tree Stump Planter?

You can learn this in 4 easy steps as described below:

1. Hollow Out the Tree Stump

In the first step, you have to hollow out the tree stump. You can do this by using any tool that is suitable for you. You can use a drill machine and can use auger bit with it.

Make DIY Tree Stump Planter

If you feel that it is difficult then using 2-inch Forstner bit will surely do this job with ease. Make it sure that you clean out what you drill.

DIY tree stump planter

2. Work on the Hole

Make it sure that you have a 4 to 8 inches deep hole in the tree stump. It should be 10 to 13 inches wide. Now use a chisel to remove the extreme points from the edges. You will not get the perfect shape, but it will be good to remove some extra wood from the sides.

tree stump planter

how to make tree stump planter

3. Make Drainage Holes

This is an optional step. Use a drill to make the holes so that water can drain out of the holes. Make it sure that the direction of the drainage holes is towards the ground.

DIY Tree-Stump-Planter

4. Make Your Tree Stump Planter

Now, when everything is done, you are ready to make your planter from the tree stump. Just fill the hollowed area of the stump with potting soil. Now, plant your favorite flowers in it. Your DIY tree stump planter is ready.


DIY-Tree-Stump Planter

So, it is as simple as you see above. And now you know that it is better to make a tree stump planter instead of removing it from the garden. You can also check this DIY birdcage planter for the garden.

How to Make DIY Tree Stump Planter Video Guide

Check these photos of more DIY tree stump planter ideas:



DIY Tree Stump Planter Ideas


DIY Tree Stump Planter Idea


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