3 Sided Shed For Horses

How to Make a DIY 3-Sided Pallet Horse Shelter – Guide With Pictures

So you are looking for how to make a 3-sided shelter for your horse? Well, it is not a difficult task to make 3 sided horse shelter with simple wood or by using pallets, as we are here for you. Learn here how to make a DIY 3-sided simple horse shelter in just one day.

Materials for Cheap Shelter for Horses

  • 6-by-6 pieces of wood
  • 3-by-6 pieces of wood
  • Wooden sheeting rail or pallets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cement
  • Strong plywood
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

How to Build a Pallet Horse Shelter

3 Sided DIY Horse Shelter

Check this simple and step-by-step guide on how to make a DIY wooden or pallet horse shelter that has 3 sides.

  • Choose the area where you want to build a 3-sided DIY horse shelter.
  • At each corner of the site dig six holes.
  • The dig should be 5 feet deep.
  • Cut three 6*6 by 10 feet in length.
  • Cut three 3*6 into 9-foot lengths.
  • In the verticle position, install a 10 feet post in the hole.
  • At the open side of the shelter install the remaining 2 ten feet of post in the hole.
  • Install the other 3 posts of 9 feet in front of 10 feet posts. (For a clear idea, see the pictures).
  • Use cement to make them robust.
  • Add the wooden sheeting rail or pallets from the outside to make a structure.
  • Add screws to each joint.
  • Do not forget to add support in the center. Screw the support. (See the picture).
  • Now make a roof frame with strong plywood or pallet. Use screws on each joint to make it robust.
  • Add tin sheets to the roof.
  • Do not forget to add tin sheets on the sides.
  • Add screws to each joint.
  • Paint the tin sheets with your favorite color. I used black color to paint tin sheets.

Remember, it will be a fixed and simple horse shelter. You can check this guide to make a portable horse shelter.

DIY 3-Sided Horse Shelter Pictures Guide

Make 3 Sided Horse Shelter

3 Sided Horse Shelter

DIY 3 Sided Horse Shelter

DIY 3 Sided Horse Shelter

So this is how you can build a 3-sided pallet shelter for your horse. You may face some difficulties while making roof and side supports. You can ask a friend or a family member for help.

Plans for Pallet Horse Shelter Ideas

Here you can check a lot more DIY 3-sided horse shelter plans that you can make on a budget. If you have the basic skills of woodworking, then this project will not be difficult for you.

You just need to have some skills, tools, and a helper. That is it. You are all set to build a cheap horse shelter yourself and can save a lot of money.

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