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How to Repurpose Old Tires Into Creative Kids Swing – Kids Crafts

In our planter ideas, we described how you can make a hanging tire planter for your garden and how you can repurpose the old tires into useful things. Again, if you have some old tires at home, you can repurpose those old tires into beautiful kids swing.

This project is one of the best kids crafts as your kids can contribute to this DIY project and they will love the efforts they put into making a beautiful old tire swing.


Things Required

  • Suitable Old Tire
  • Strong Rope or Chain
  • Screws
  • Paint
  • Hard Brush
  • Paint Brush

How to Make a DIY Tire Swing

To make a tire swing, first, you need to find a suitable tire that you can use for this purpose. Make it sure that tire is not too old and it is not broken from anywhere.


Once you find a good old tire, you need to clean the dust and the mud on that using a hard brush. When you clean that, now its time wash the tire using hot water. Make it sure that water is not much hot as the kids are also involved in cleaning and washing the tire.

Once the tire is clean, keep it in the sunshine for 30 to 40 minutes so that it gets dry properly. Once the tire gets dry, now give a chance to your little kids to contribute to this DIY tire swing project.


Give some paint to your kids along with a paintbrush and ask them to paint the tire with their favorite color. If you are worried about the cleanliness of the kids, then remove their shirt and apply some oil on the body and the hands so that paint can be removed from the body of the kids easily after this project.

One the kids paint the tire completely with their favorite color again wait for a few hours so that paint gets dry.


Now you can make some patterns or cartoons on the same tire with different colors and a small brush. This can also be done by your kids as well as they can make their favorite cartoon or some faces on the tire.

Again, wait for some time and then decide what type of tire swing you want to make. If it is a simple one rope tire swing then there is no need of screwing the tire.

Just find a suitable place, a hook in the center of the ceiling or a sturdy branch of a tree, and hang the tire using a rope and your swing is ready. If you want to make different types of tire swings, then you can check the ideas below:

One Rope Tire Swing

This simple one rope tire swing will be simple and vertical.

One Rope DIY Tire Swing



Horizontal Simple Tire Swing

To make a horizontal tire swing, you need to make the three small holes in the tire on one side only and on equal distance. Now you can use a strong rope or a strong chain with hooks to hang that tire swing on a tree or with another support.





Ladybug Tire Swing for Kids

This will be a fun tire swing and an interesting kids craft. You have to use the red color to paint the entire tire and then use black color to make the ladybug shape. Use white color to paint the eyes and the face. Your kids will love this amazing DIY ladybug tire swing.

ladybug tire-swing

lady bug tire swing for kids

ladybug tire-swing

Nested Tire Kids Swing

The nested tire swing is a safe idea for the kids. This is the best swing idea for the kids of age 2 to 5.




More Painted Tire Swing Ideas For Kids

Check these few more DIY painted tire swing ideas for kids.








  1. Amazing and creative ideas of the swings. After watching this I have made one for my kids and they really enjoyed it. I hang it in my backyard.

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